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TL; DR: The Microsoft Office Premium Training Pack and Lifetime License for MS Office Home and Business for Mac 2021(Opens in a new tab) Offered for sale from £67.15, saving you 94% off the list price.

Increasingly, software that was once available for a one-time license fee has become subscription-based. Individual subscriptions may not cost much each month, but that’s still a payment you make every month that you want to keep your software, and increase if you need a lot of different apps.

If you want to skip the subscription fee for one of the world’s most downloaded suites of software, get the Microsoft Office Lifetime License(Opens in a new tab). For a limited time, Mac users can have six MS Office Home and Business 2021 programs on their PC for life for just £67.15, and they come with online lessons to show you how to unlock the advanced features of each program.

This two-part package comes with lifetime licenses for six Microsoft Office programs and a corresponding course that teaches you how to master each. Get unlimited access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, the basic version of Teams, and OneNote.

If you’ve only touched the superficial functions of each program, you might be surprised at how much each program can do. Learn how to incorporate detailed charts and graphs into your Word documents, create engaging animations in PowerPoint, manage your life and communication with Outlook, and more.

Building a family budget? Draft it in Excel, then share it with your partner using Teams. You can even take detailed notes using all of the OneNote gadgets. There is a lot to learn, but the courses are taught by professionals from organizations such as Intellezi. They specialize in technology education, so you’re in good hands.

For a limited time, get Lifetime license(Opens in a new tab) to Microsoft Office Home and Business for Mac 2021 and the Premium Microsoft Office Training Package all for £67.15.

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