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tl; DR: The Microsoft Office Premium Course and Lifetime License for MS Office Home and Business for Mac 2021(Opens in a new tab) The bundle is on sale for less than £69.46, saving you 94% on the list price.

on me billion people Using Microsoft Office in one way or another. Although it may be one of the most popular software worldwide, how many people actually use the entire suite? And of those, how many know how to use each of the six apps included in the bundle? Get the apps and learn how to use them with Premium Microsoft Office Training, which retails for £69.46 and comes with a lifetime license to Microsoft Office Home and Business for Mac 2021.

this is Lifetime subscription to MS Office for Mac(Opens in a new tab) It grants access to six semi-typical programs: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and OneNote. Create documents from templates or start with Word. Organize and analyze your data with Excel, then share it with PowerPoint and Teams. Take notes for yourself with OneNote and see your emails using Outlook.

This package not only gives you the software; There may be more to learn about each of these six apps, even if you’ve used them before. For example, you can discover some hidden and less popular Excel features and tools from trainers like Chris Dutton, a certified Excel expert and analytics consultant.

With lifetime access to all six courses (on one Mac), you can learn something new about every MS Office Home and Business Mac Bundle. Study at your own pace and practice the applications as you learn about them. Even if you can learn how to create attractive templates in PowerPoint or organize your inbox with Outlook, it may still take some practice to actually get them down.

Put some of the world’s most popular apps on your Mac for life. For a limited time, get Microsoft Office Premium Training Pack and Lifetime License for MS Office Home and Business for Mac 2021(Opens in a new tab) On a single Mac computer for £69.46.

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