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One of the questions I often see readers ask and discuss is looking for the best opaque white shirts — and really, why is it so hard to find an opaque shirt? I thought I’d put together some of the best suggestions I’ve seen over the years…

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First, what to wear with opaque white shirts to work: I definitely recommend a nude T-shirt bra for you (Naga Is the brand with the darkest skin tones I’ve seen; Nubian skin Also contains three shades for darker skin tones); If I need to wear a camisole, I’d probably go for the shade that best matches your skin tone in a fabric that’s a little looser so it doesn’t cling to your shirt. (I can only find beige camisoles to recommend—if anyone has any favorite camisoles in a range of skin tones, please let me know.) gap It also has really solid options for bras and panties in a wide range of skin tones too!

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Our latest favorite opaque white shirt for work

1. Boden’s Double Layer font

White opaque T-shirt with elbow length sleeves and scoop neck.  With pleated high waisted yellow pants
Boden It has many double layer options…

Boden They often feature a range of cool colors in their line of double-layer tees, but apparently extra layers work best with lighter colors! They’re available in XL sizes for about $32 to $45.

2. Express’s Double Layer Line

White opaque v-neck t-shirt
pass It also has a lot of double-layered options!

Double-layer Express line Varies – sometimes they have a lot of stuff, sometimes they just have a little. Sizes range from XS to XL, and prices are usually around $34.

3. Hobbs Double Fronted Top

White two-layer blouse with deep V-neck and elbow-length sleeves
Another great place with two-front options: Hobbes!

The Aimee Double-Fronted Top from Hobbs is a stylish and versatile top that features a unique two-layer design. Available in sizes 2-18, and an ivory color option.

The top is made from a soft and comfortable blend of viscose and elastane, with a double-layered front that provides added coverage and flattering drape. It features a round neckline, short sleeves, and a relaxed fit, perfect for layering.

The highest is $75 apiece Hobbes; You can also find the brand at Bloomingdale’s.

4. Fisher Grooming

This top comes in a wide range of sizes, from X-Small to XX-Large, and is available in a variety of colors, including black, white, navy, pink, and more. The top features a classic cut with a flattering neckline and short sleeves, making it a versatile and comfortable option for everyday wear.

Elizabeth It was recently dubbed the “white ride or die” in a recent news report of the Favorite low-cost clothing essentials:

I can’t remember how I discovered the Fishers Finery brand, but now that it’s in my life, I never look back.

This T-shirt is completely opaque, incredibly soft, and slouchy enough to be comfortable without looking sloppy. The fabric is a viscose, cotton, and spandex blend that washes beautifully and can be thrown straight into the dryer. I’ve worn it dozens of times and it still looks as good as the day I bought it. It’s usually under $30, but I’d pay a lot more.

5. Lafayette, New York 148

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This is an opaque white T-shirt It is on the higher end of the price point, but has been around and highly revised for years! It’s available in a range of sizes, from X-Small to X-Large, and features a stylish scoop neck and short sleeves. Made of soft cotton material, breathable and comfortable for everyday wear.

The top is available in several different colors, including white, black, navy blue, and more. Reviewers on Nordstrom’s website praise the top for its high quality, versatility, and great fit. One reviewer notes that it’s “perfect for layering” and that it “can be dressed up or down.” Another reviewer comments that it is “worth the investment” and that it “looks great with everything.”

The top comes too Large sizes!

Other options for layering shirts for work

Short-sleeved tops: These are often more opaque than T-shirts

Other work shirts we love

These shirts may be made of comfortable and durable materials and feature appropriate designs or colors appropriate to the workplace environment.

Best plus size shirts for work

In terms of opaque white tees, Boden (referenced above) Available up to size 22, f Lafayette 148 New York The top comes in large sizes. the T Fisher Finery Available up to size XXL but note that it runs big. LL Vol It’s also a good bet on blackout since supima cotton is known for being premium.

A collage of 5 plus-size women's tees: 1) White Crew with Long Sleeves, 2) Scoop V Neck with Elbow Sleeves, 3) Navy Boat Neck with Elbow Sleeves, 4) Wide V with Short Sleeves, 4) Round V with Short Sleeves

Pictured above are some of the The best plus size tees for work: One / two / three / four / five (also this)

Just looking for an essential weekend tee? These are some of our favorites (there’s some overlap, but they’re generally looser and have more casual details like pockets, shirt hems…)

Readers who love to wear white shirts to work: What’s your favorite brand? If you layer under it, are you a fan of nude shirts or white shirts? (I’m usually on the “your shirt should match the color of your shirt” team but as for an opaque white shirt, I might as well wear it nude for you.) What are your favorite ways to style a white T-shirt for work?

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We are participating in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliate sites.


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