Bing Chat will now not make you wait for access

Microsoft entered the generative AI space with the big guns, including a complete revamp of Bing to include it AI chatbot He can help you do anything you want. After detecting that the chatbot uses a GPT-4Microsoft seems to be removing the queue to use this feature.

You can check out Bing’s AI chat without having to join a queue, at least for now. Just head over to bing Click the “Chat” shortcut to get started. I tried it and it still prompted me to join the queue, but as soon as I clicked on that it immediately gave me access to the chat option. It may not work for everyone, though – in a statement the edgeMicrosoft declined to say explicitly that it has removed the queue, going on to say that it is “running various tests that may speed up access to the new Bing for some users,” but that it remains in the preview phase.

From there, you can use the chatbot’s many features – ask it questions, tell it to help you with something, or just joke around with it and tell it to come up with some joke or a funny poem. The limit is really your imagination. Since it’s still in the preview phase, it might still get messy once in a while, so don’t be surprised if that happens.

You can try Bing Chat at Bing websiteor who The new sidebar in Microsoft Edge.

source: the edge

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