BitBoy threatens Dox Shiba Inu Dev Commander Shytoshi Kusama

  • The famous YouTuber “BitBoy” threatens to be exposed Shy Kusama true identity.
  • Accusations of Shibarium’s plagiarism diminish with the arrival of Rinia’s developer.
  • The Shiba Inu developer team denied the allegations but issued an apology to Rinia.

to respond to The last drama Surrounding the Shibarium Code, popular YouTuber Ben Armstrong has announced to his Twitter fans that he will be revealing Shytoshi Kusama’s true identity in the near future. “Wait till I dox founder $SHIB, he’s coming this week. Heck maybe tmrw,” says the YouTuber with over a million followers.

Shortly after the message, Rinia’s developer publicly refuted claims that Shibarium’s code had been copied, but MrDonGG was still greatly offended. Apparently, the Shibarium developers put the same string ID as 917. So far, it’s unknown if this was done on purpose or by mistake, but SHIB developer Cal Zia promised to “republish Puppynet with a new string ID in the coming days.”

The shy Kusama wants his shirt back

It didn’t take long for the lead developer of Shiba Inu (SHIB) to respond to the dox threat from BitBoy. In particular, Chitoshi Kusama asked Ben “BitBoy” Armstrong brings receipts for Sheeba-themed T-shirts that the popular YouTuber uses in his videos. “Be sure to bring receipts, okay,” – says shy Kusama sarcastically.

Soon after, Ben Armstrong responded to Kusama, mocking his popularity on Twitter. “575 likes and 2 comments lmao, yeah this guy is legit,” said the star YouTuber. Ironically, Shy Kusama’s reply tweet received twice as many likes as Brian Armstrong’s, garnering 620 retweets compared to BitBoy’s 111.

While Brian Armstong didn’t expect him to lose momentum in the crypto world and become less popular than the main Shiba Inu developer, Kusama sarcastically asked BitBoy to return the Shiba Inu shirt used in the videos. A crypto YouTuber might have a hard time returning the clothes to a so-called acquaintance, as the return address Posted by Lead developer Kusama looks somewhat unusual.

Beta testers view the Cheparium controversy.

on the flip side

  • Ben Armstrong previously incorrectly stated that Samuel Bankman-Fried, the corrupt founder of cryptocurrency exchange FTX, is one of the early Shiba Inu developers.
  • A large part of the crypto community does not believe that the YouTuber has any valuable information on Shy, seeing BitBoy’s claims as just a publicity stunt.

Why should you bother

Shiba Inu is one of the most watched cryptocurrencies this year. Revealing the true identity of Shytoshi Kusama will have a huge impact on society and the price of SHIB in the market.

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