Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Rise Amid Silicon Valley Bank Collapse by CoinEdition

© Reuters Bitcoin and Other Cryptos Surge Amid Silicon Valley Bank Collapse
  • Coin Stories podcast host Natalie Brunel spoke on Fox Business about the stability of cryptocurrencies.
  • Brunel spoke about the rise in cryptocurrency prices during a banking crisis.
  • The host also highlighted that it works when banks don’t.

Coin Stories host Natalie Brunel recently caught up with Fox Business to talk about the stability of cryptocurrencies amid the collapse of some of the largest banks, including Silicon Valley Bank.

Brunel highlighted the fact that bitcoins worked this weekend while banks did not. I went ahead and talked about how bitcoin can function normally amidst the chaos.

New people joined the network, blocks were created, and new bitcoins were minted on a predictable schedule.

Brunel also went on to say that this is what Bitcoin was designed for. She also stressed that the current system and its problems are not only about debt and debt but trust as well.

The Coin Stories host also mentioned that people have to remember that when they give their money to the bank, the banks are betting their savings. Brunel also highlighted the advantages of Bitcoin, stating that with it, users are self-protective and do not need to trust anyone but themselves.

Fox Business host Charles Payne spoke about Signature Bank board member Barney Frank and his recent comment that closing banks is a strong anti-crypto message. Brunel stated that she hopes that lawmakers will understand that bitcoin is accumulative rather than destructive. She also stressed that it is a store of value.

Payne mentioned that lawmakers fear losing control of fiat money, especially in situations where cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular. However, Brunel points out that even if the government tries to issue digital currencies based on cryptocurrencies, the real solution is a decentralized alternative with a finite finite supply that cannot be manipulated and controlled. She also indicated that Bitcoin is an alternative.

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