Bitcoin is the worst performing major asset according to CoinEdition

© Reuters. CoinGecko: Bitcoin is the worst performing major asset
  • A CoinGecko market report showed that BTC is performing worse than other assets.
  • DeFi tokens, excluding stablecoins and tokens, are down 72.9%.
  • OpenSea’s market share fell to 65.4% during the NFT winter.

According to an annual report on the crypto industry published today by a market tracking platform, CoinGecko, the most popular cryptocurrency, (BTC), was the worst performing investment among critical assets such as the US dollar.

CoinGecko also noted that in 2022, the market cap of DeFi tokens, excluding stablecoins and laminated tokens, fell by 72.9% and saw derivatives overtake yield aggregators in market share. It added that stablecoins lost $27.3 billion despite their increasing dominance.

However, according to the market tracker, the market capitalization of both USDC and BUSD has grown despite the general market situation. At the beginning of 2022, BUSD ranked 16th in the ranking of the best coins with a market capitalization of $14.6 billion, and USDC ranked 7th with more than $42 billion. Interestingly, both segments moved up the rankings with significant increases in market share.

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