Blockchain messaging will replace Telegram and Discord by Cointelegraph


A new era of messaging apps will soon cross a chasm Web 3 Mass adoption. Web3 messaging applications will become an integral part of the blockchain ecosystem, allowing users to communicate with and interact with each other Decentralized Applications (DApps) And the protocols themselves in a secure, direct and decentralized way. This editorial will discuss the benefits and challenges of Web3 messaging applications and their impact on the future of communications.

Web3 messaging protocols, such as Extensible Message Transfer Protocol (XMTP), are implemented on a decentralized communications network, using a peer-to-peer architecture to facilitate communication between verifiable identifiers such as the public address or domain of an Ethereum name service. Unlike traditional messaging platforms like Telegram or Discord, which are centralized and rely on central servers to route messages, Web3 messaging protocols use decentralized networks to create a trustless environment where users can communicate without intermediaries through their wallets.

Darius Mokhtarzadeh Entrepreneur and consultant focused on decentralized social media applications. He is the co-founder of, an NFT meme platform on the Lens Protocol, and previously worked as a researcher at digital asset bank Sygnum. He has also worked at Ernst & Young in blockchain consulting and for several startups in the Swiss Crypto Valley.

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