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⚡ Welcome to weekly powerthe Android Authority A newsletter featuring the top Android and tech news of the week. Issue 228 is here with all the Galaxy S23 news, the death of Google Stadia, an annoying Pixel 7 bug, streaming service fatigue, and more…

🌄 January seems like a long month, but I took some time in the middle of the week to take a walk on one of Edinburgh’s most beautiful hills, with good company, good coffee, and good weather for once!

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Popular news this week

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

in another place:


We delay

the games:

Google Stadia playing on phone 1


Review of the Skagen Falster Gen 6 watch face display at table22

Andy Walker / Android Authority


Jellyfin Media Server DVD Set

Robert Triggs/Android Authority

Weekly Wonderland

One city shot with Vivo X70 Pro Plus.

Hadley Simmons/Android Authority

1x magnification

We’ve all survived Blue Monday for another year, but if you’re still feeling blue, your job could be the culprit. Don’t worry though – you can always quit and have one of the happiest jobs on earth…

  • Washington Post Analyze thousands of chronological journals American time use survey for the Bureau of Labor Statistics To find out what are the happiest, least stressful, and most important jobs in America.
  • It might not surprise you to learn that those who work outdoors—that is, farming, logging, and forestry workers—have the lowest self-reported levels of stress, and the highest levels of happiness. Think The loggers are really okay.
  • Agricultural, logging, and forestry workers also rated their work as very helpful, and health and social assistance workers came second.
  • However, what you may find surprising is that workers in the real estate industry scored second highest on the happiness scale, even though they reported significantly higher levels of stress than agricultural and forestry workers.
  • Finance and insurance workers reported the lowest levels of happiness, with levels of stress on par with those working in education.
  • Construction workers also reported higher levels of happiness, with lower levels of stress.
  • minimum? Don’t work as a teacher, educator, or in the financial or insurance industries if you’re looking for a low-stress role that will bring you joy.
  • Of course, what makes us happy varies from person to person, and if you love your job but it still stresses you out, there are some great ways to relax and unwind. attempt MeditationPlay some Relaxing mobile gamesAnd Listen to some white noise on your Nest Audio device To help you catch some Zs or Check out our practical tips on using your smartwatch to get better sleep.

Technical calendar

  • January 24: Forspoken releases on PS5, PC
  • January 25 @ 3pm ET: Xbox and Bethesda Developer_Direct
  • January 26: Razer Edge released
  • January 27: Dead Space launches on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC
  • February 1 @ 1 pm ET: Disassembling Samsung (Galaxy S23?)
  • February 7: OnePlus 11 global launch
  • February 22: PSVR 2 release date
  • 27 February – 2 March: MWC 2023 Barcelona

Tech Tweet of the Week

There is a TikTok trend of Family Guy clips combined with footage of people playing mobile games.

It started as a way to avoid DMCA takedowns, but has morphed into a multisensory dopamine drip that will take our collective attention to zero.

Something extra: Do you still play Wordle? Why don’t you try the house? Try to guess within 5% of the house’s listing price (you get six attempts, with a new photo and clue for each incorrect guess). (free: hustle).

Paula Peyton, copy editor.

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