Bormioli Pharma’s sales in North America grew more than 40% in 2022

Bormioli Pharma, a global leader in partnering with customers to provide comprehensive packaging solutions for injectable pharmaceuticals, today announced strong growth in its North American business in 2022, with sales increasing more than 40% year-over-year. Growth in North America was coupled with strong sales gains in the Company’s worldwide markets, reflecting Bormioli’s multimillion-dollar investment in expanding its capabilities as a provider of comprehensive packaging solutions for injectable pharmaceuticals.

Founded in 1825 as Bormioli Rocco, Bormioli Pharma is a manufacturer of glass packaging, with a long history of innovation in the packaging industry. Now, as a strategic partner of several leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, the company serves the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical markets with complete packaging solutions, including plastic and aluminum bottles, closures and accessories.

The US bottle market is dealing with ongoing supply issues for injectable glass packaging as a result of the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting supply chain disruptions. Bormioli is committed to providing a one-stop solution with its ever-expanding capabilities in high value glass vials, rubber stoppers and aluminum seals. Specifically, the company has invested in strengthening its tubular glass vials capabilities with advanced machinery, while upgrading its infused glass platform, and expanding clean room capabilities to produce rubber stoppers. These developments have been supported by recent acquisitions that have enabled Bormioli to reliably and efficiently produce rubber and aluminium, as well as tubular glass bottles.

For nearly 200 years, we have led the field in molded glass manufacturing and now we have expanded those capabilities to include tubular glass vials designed for injectable medicines and vaccines.

Our proud history is matched by our current passion for innovation in providing innovative comprehensive packaging solutions to pharmaceutical makers. As a single supplier of all components of the parenteral drug range, we can offer a variety of flexible, cost-effective solutions tailored to customer needs, while also pursuing an ambitious agenda to significantly increase the sustainability of all our operations. Our multifaceted commitments are driven by two key factors – supply chain issues from the ongoing shortage of glass containers for injectable medicines and the stark reminder of the inevitable dangers of ongoing climate change.”

Andrea Lodetti, CEO, Bormioli Pharma.

Bormioli Pharma products help ensure maximum drug stability by protecting drugs from degradation, prolonging drug stability, providing accurate dosing, and thus contributing to the health of individuals receiving treatment.

In anticipation of the next 200y On the anniversary, Bormioli Pharma launched the “50-in-5” programme, an ambitious program to achieve 50% sustainable raw materials in the production of pharmaceutical packaging by 2025. “50-in-5” is a project affecting the entire manufacturing footprint. To achieve this ambitious goal, the company has been consolidating and expanding its industrial platform, with investments of more than 50 million euros to date that will be matched by similar investments over the next three years. Strategies include increasing the percentage of recycled materials during the production process and adopting carbon capture and other green materials for container sealing and sealing components.

To learn more about this initiative and Bormioli’s comprehensive packaging solutions, please see Bormioli Executives at DCAT Week 2023 or contact your dedicated US sales representative on site at [email protected].

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