Brandon Staley Shipper Explains Punt District Decisions to District Chiefs

Last season, in his first year as a team coach chargersBrandon Staley became known for his aggressive management of the game. The decisions to go fourth in the Chargers Special Staley gained some fans, while also gaining critics.

However, Staley last night adopted a more conservative approach. In many fourth and short pitches, Staley chose to either kick a field goal or shoot the ball wide rather than try to turn the former down.

After the match, Staley explained that his confidence in the Chargers’ defense was the main reason behind making these decisions.

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“I just wanted to give our defense a chance to compete. I really liked the way we were playing,” he told reporters after Thursday night’s 27-24 loss in Kansas City. “I felt like this was the formula for turning the field around. I felt like we were aggressive when we needed to be tonight. We converted all four of the fourth touchdowns. I felt like, with who’s there and the way our defense plays, I felt the position of the field would be a huge advantage for our defense.” To be able to get them back there. I love the way our defense competed tonight.”

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