Brett Maher was the Dallas Cowboys award winning champ but don’t forget the KaVontae Turpin

One of the sweetest things about victory on Sunday 20-17 before Cowboys in Dallas Over the Cincinnati Bengals is that it was a total team effort, with Cooper Rush quarterback driving back up.

It took everyone to achieve that first victory of the season, and it was sparked and completed by two players who weren’t even on the team at the start of training camp in returning KaVontae Turpin and kicker Brett Maher.

Maher was the champ on Sunday with his 50-yard run as time ran out, sending the Cowboys and the fans at AT&T Stadium into a frenzy.

“Every opportunity is rewarding to be honest with you,” Maher said. “I am happy to do my part with this group. The guys in the locker room are amazing. This whole game was so much fun to be a part of.

“The entire locker room is full of fun to be a part of. I embrace the ride and do my part.”

It also brought up the issue of compensation for Maher, who was fired from his position as Cowboys head in 2019 after missing at least one kick 16 of the Cowboys’ 29 games and had a disappointing success rate of 66.7 per cent that season.

The Cowboys gave Maher a playing ball in the locker room after the game.

“Brett Maher, I’m so happy for Brett, he’s going to come home here and win the game,” Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said. “An excellent team wins.”

Maher was knocked out of the league in 2020 and spent part of 2021 with New Orleans Saints Before she is called up by a desperate Cowboys into a training camp after a failed competition between Jonathan Garibai and Lirim Hajarullah.

Maher beat Hajrallah in the pre-season and scored the team’s only points in a season-opening 19-3 loss to the team. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Perhaps a sign of things to come came at the end of the first half of Sunday when the Pro Bowl tinkered Brian Unger The Bengals are stuck at 13.

And when the Bengal hit it back to the Cowboys after a strong defensive stance, including a sack by Dorence ArmstrongTurpin sliced ​​them with a 20-yard kick return, bringing the attack up to the Bengals 49 with 51 seconds left in the half.

Remember, Turpin, who was a USFL MVP and former star return in the TCU, didn’t join the Cowboys until a week after boot camp began.

Maher then kicked a field goal from 54 yards to give the Cowboys a 17-3 lead in the first half.

The situation was eerily similar late in the fourth quarter as the match tied at 17.

Anger pinned the Bengals at 47 yards at 8 with 2:20 left. Force defense to 3-out

Although Bengalis are a gambler Kevin Hooper Descending from a 63-yard shoe to the Cowboys 21, Turpin gave the offense some breathing room and a spark of life with a 14-yard return.

Rush moved the Cowboys 33 yards in five plays to prepare Skilled for the final tournaments.

“You go in there and expect to do every kick,” Maher said. “I feel like I’m in a good rhythm now. Jake [McQuaide] and Brian [Anger] She is absolutely money on the process – I just took a good look at her. It’s just a really fun group to be a part of.

“The whole last sequence was great as Brian pinned him deep with a gamble, the defense stalled, and he got a good comeback from the gamble, then getting centered and going in. That was a very fun moment to be a part of.”

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