Britain’s Tim Peake is stepping down from the European Space Agency’s astronaut corps

British astronaut Tim Peake, pictured after returning to Earth in 2016, hung up his spacesuit

British astronaut Tim Peake, pictured after returning to Earth in 2016, hung up his spacesuit.

The European Space Agency said on Friday that Briton Tim Peake had suspended his space suit, and stepped down from the European Astronaut Corps to become an ambassador for space activities.

Peake, who became the first British astronaut to visit the International Space Station in 2015, said it had been an “incredibly exciting and rewarding” 13 years.

“Being an ESA astronaut is the most extraordinary experience,” Beck, 50, said in a statement.

Assuming the role of ambassador for human spaceflightI will continue to support the European Space Agency and the British Space Agency, with a focus on educational outreach, and look forward to the many exciting opportunities to come.”

The European Space Agency said Beck had been on unpaid leave since October 2019, and had retired from active astronaut duties since the beginning of this year.

Becky, the second British astronaut after Helen Sharman, was the first Briton to complete a space walk outside the International Space Station.

During his six-month stint aboard the International Space Station from 2015-2016, he contributed to science missions, helped dock two spacecraft – and even ran the London Marathon on a treadmill.

ESA Director General Josef Ashbacher thanked Beck for her service.

It was Tim A an example to ambitious children and youth and young professionals alike, inspiring millions of them and at the same time being an excellent ambassador for ESA, its values ​​and ambition.”

Paul Butt, head of the British Space Agency, also paid tribute to the astronaut.

“We wish Tim all the best and look forward to supporting him on his next adventure, knowing that the UK’s role is in the human Void “Exploration is in good hands,” Patey said.

Britain’s Rosemary Cogan joined the European Space Agency’s astronaut team in November, while British physician and Paralympic John McFaul was named the first astronaut to recruit with a disability.

While the UK has left the European Union, it remains one of the 22 member states of the European Space Agency.

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