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Apple Lisa computer in the museum.

in honor of Apple Lisa’s 40th birthdayComputer History Museum Release the source code of the historical machine as part of the Art of Code project. The museum states that Lisa “marked a milestone in the history of computing for its innovative use of a graphical user interface in a personal computer.”

separately blog post Of this announcement, CHU hails the Lisa as “Apple’s most poignant failure” and cites the Lisa’s mouse-based GUI as the forerunner of most successful hardware such as the Macintosh and speculates that without the Lisa, there might have been no Windows. The post goes on to detail the development, launch, and eventual commercial failure of Lisa. It is a very interesting read for those interested in Technology history.

Releasing the source code for Lisa means you can use it on your own hardware. However, this does not mean that you can do whatever you want with it. Apple’s license agreement for the code states that the source code is for “non-commercial academic research, educational instruction, and personal study purposes only”.

Subject to the conditions, you can:

  • use, reproduce, compile and modify the Apple Software,
  • Run the Apple software and your modifications to it on your devices,
  • Copies and references of the documentation that comes with the Apple software.

However, you cannot:

  • redistribute, publish, sublicense, sell, lease, or transfer Apple Software;
  • post benchmark results about or your use of the Apple Software;
  • Use the Apple name, trademarks, service marks, or logos to endorse or promote your Modifications or other materials derived from the Apple Software.

It would be a great project if you have an existing old computer to load this operating system onto. However, you need some technical knowledge to operate it.

Could you Download Lisa’s source code Straight from the Computer History Museum website.

Source: Computer History Museum

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