Bupa Network expands to record 2.86 million transactions on BNB Chain


BNB series Second layer sizing solution Bupa Network It currently enjoys a hotline, processing over 2.86 million transactions in April, which reaches more than 100,000 per day.

It’s a record achievement for the Boba network, which processed just 585,818 transactions in the previous month of March, up from 99,362 in February. It indicates that BNB Chain users are adopting the Boba Network at an unprecedented rate, and this claim is supported by the fact that there are over 45,000 active wallets on the network.

The Boba Network is a scalable Layer 2 solution that takes advantage of the concept of “optimistic aggregations,” enabling transactions to be processed much faster than if they were done on the native blockchain. It also has the advantage of significantly reducing transaction costs, saving users up to 80% on gas fees. Because it is a file multi-string A scaling solution, the Boba Network supports multiple blockchains, including BNB Chain, Avalanche, and Fantom. It was originally designed for EthereumHowever, it sees a huge opportunity in BNB’s needs, as it has more active wallet addresses than any other blockchain.

“The Boba Network will continue to benefit from the continued growth of the BNB chain to provide users and developers with faster transaction speeds at significantly lower costs with the opportunity to take advantage of hybrid computing that delivers off-chain data and computation, enabling smarter applications for mass adoption,” a core contributor to the network said in a statement. statement.

Hybrid Compute refers to Boba Network’s unique ability to integrate off-chain computing, allowing developers of decentralized applications to create smart contracts that can access real-world data and other resources that don’t live on blockchains. Through this, it enables the creation of dApps that are richer and more capable than what other networks can support.

The explosive growth of the Boba Network on the BNB chain marks the first instance of an L2 scaling solution for a network other than Ethereum that achieves significant transaction volume. Boba Network singles out its collaboration with ROVI Network, creator of the popular Web3 game MegaWorld, for its rapid increase in usage.

ROVI Network He is the creator of the Crypto Super App that aims to bring billions of users into the world of Web3 and cryptography, and has created several products to do so. They include M91, a payments app for mass market users; Keyboard91, a smart AI-powered keyboard app that generates crypto rewards for users who send and receive messages on the platform; and Gaming 91, the flagship encrypted gaming platform Mega Worlda multiplayer city-building strategy game with crypto-based economics.

Popa said MegaWorld is available on multiple chains but has recently been driving a lot of activity on L2 as players look to take advantage of faster transaction speeds and lower costs. It is also gaining traction with hundreds of other Web3 developers who need a more flexible platform for building advanced dApps and games.

Zoe Wei, Head of Marketing and Developer Relations at BNB Chain, said she was excited to see the growing adoption of the Boba Network and its increased transaction volume. “As an advanced layer-2 scaling solution on the BNB chain, Boba Network aims to accelerate the development of dApps and games, and we are excited to see what the future holds for this ecosystem,” she explained.

The good news is that the more Boba’s network grows, the more they can accelerate the development of their network. Boba earns a small portion of the change from each transaction as part of her revenue, and her development team uses that money to build out the network and its capabilities.


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