Can fans drink in Qatar during the World Cup?

Qatar’s relationship and alcohol-related laws became a sharp focus ahead of the 2022 World Cup.

A Saturday afternoon at soccer without a pint of plastic is unimaginable for a select – well, large – fan group, but the boy’s dominant culture and behavior must be changed and the fans traveling to the Middle East must be reined in.

Here’s what fans need to know about brewing beer in Qatar.

The following guidelines are taken from travel advice for visitors to Qatar:

“Drinking alcohol or drunkenness in public is an offence. British nationals have been detained under this Act, usually when a related matter is brought to the attention of the police, such as disorderly or aggressive behaviour. For example, drinking in a public place can result in a penalty Imprisonment for up to 6 months and/or a fine of up to QR 3,000 Alcohol is only available in licensed restaurants and bars, and expats living in Qatar can get alcohol in the permit system Do not carry alcoholic beverages with you (except for taking them on the day they are picked up from the warehouse to your home). The legal age for drinking alcoholic beverages in Qatar is 21, and establishments serving alcoholic beverages will require an original photo ID upon entry.”

Can you drink alcohol in Qatar?

Yes, you can drink alcohol in Qatar. The legal drinking age in the country is 21, however, the country’s relationship with beer, bourbon and the rest is very strict.

People may not drink alcohol or drink in public places. There will likely be some slight loosening in the World Cup rules – as a competition insider recently told telegraph She stated that drunk fans are unlikely to be thrown into Qatari prisons for minor infractions.

However, if fans engage in acts involving flares and fireworks or get into fights, they are subject to fines and the cancellation of their “Life Pass”, which gives visitors permission to enter Qatar and enter the stadium.

In normal times, alcohol is only available in some specially licensed buildings, such as hotels, bars, and restaurants. Importing them is prohibited and can result in the death penalty for any offender.

Will there be liquor in the stadiums?

There will be alcohol in the stadiums in the World Cup in Qatar. Beer will be sold and made available to fans three hours before and one hour after kickoff but not during the actual match itself.

The FIFA Fan Fest will be held at Al Bida Park in the center of Doha. More information is due to be announced, but it is expected that fans will need to wait until 18:30 local time to drink alcohol in the fan zone. Official partners of Budweiser and Coca-Cola will provide their products.

This fan area will be an alcohol tolerant area, but supporters are advised not to drink such drinks in other non-designated areas.

Alcohol prices in Qatar

We all love grumbling about the price of a beer on a night out – if you cut £25 for three pints in London, you’ll know the feeling.

Unfortunately, the World Cup will not be like your little local place around the corner that sells Tuborg cans for a fee. Instead, fans will have to pay nearly ten for a pint.

The average exchange rate in Qatar is £9.94 per pint, more than double what you would expect to pay in the UK. The Three Lions, who support Trevors, Kevins and the Big Alans, will likely travel to Burundi next, where a drink can cost as little as 59p.

At least this upcoming vacation is in order.

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