Cardano Def Dismisses Hydra TPS Rumors: ‘It’s Misleading’


  • Hydra has generated quite a stir in the Cardano community due to its scaling potential.
  • The hype around Hydra has led to some overestimations of its capabilities
  • After Hydra’s allegedly unusual numbers made headlines, developer Cardano had to chime in.
  • Charles Hoskinson has also talked about Hydra’s enlarged scales in the past.

hydra It’s Cardano’s ticket to the big leagues with Ethereum and Bitcoin, and people are more than excited. The ability of the scalable Layer-2 protocol to do more An effective solution compared to current methods Such as hashing, the Lightning Network, and zkEVMsaroused a lot of interest.

However, the excitement around Hydra has resulted in people getting a little excited as they inflate its numbers to astronomical heights. Now, with Cardano’s abnormal metrics making headlines so many times, the developers had to step in and put an end to it, once and for all.

Fact or myth

Following the launch of the Hydra protocol on the Cardano mainnet on May 11, community interest in the Layer 2 scaling protocol was fueled, with discussion popping up on social media platforms, news articles, and public forums. Much of the excitement has centered around the protocol’s rumored bandwidth and performance capabilities to achieve translation speeds of up to one million transactions per second (TPS).

The widespread celebration of Hydra’s allegedly unusual numbers led Cardano Foundation Technical Director Matthias Pincourt to burst the bubble by expressing his reservations on Twitter. The director warned against being swept away by the thrillers and highlighted the Million TPS novel as “misguided”.

The CTO also emphasized that while Hydra is a nice engineering solution, it’s not a “magic wand.” Bencourt shared that he was triggered by the rumors, and the Cardano Foundation has worked hard in the past two years to recover from this mistake.

Notably, Hydra’s claimed capacity of 1 million tons per second has been going on for years. In fact, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson previously promoted and later refuted Hydra’s ability to achieve such impressive transaction throughput.

million or not? Answers by Charles Hoskinson

When asked recently about Hydra’s ability to hit 1 million TPS, Charles Hoskinson eviction “ridiculous” idea, explaining that he did not know where the idea came from. However, the feisty founder has forgotten his claims that Hydra has achieved over a million TPS in his video introducing a layer-2 solution.

Despite the confusion, the Cardano founder has it explained Hydra allows DApps to have both on-chain and offline components. The off-chain component allows for fast and cheap processing of transaction sets that can be connected on-chain. By doing this, Hydra significantly reduces chain consumption. Hoskinson adds that with 1,000 of these Dapps using Hydra Heads propagating thousands of hits from the off-chain component to the on-chain component, it could result in a 1,000-fold reduction and ultimately an industrially high TPS rate, well above a million TPS.

However, Hoskinson points out that this feature will be introduced later, and the first generation of Hydra focuses on porting Dapps to Hydra.

on the flip side

  • Cardano TVL increased Up 172% qoq from $50.8 million to $138.3 million. Ada market cap It also increased by 54% qoq from $8.6 billion to $13.2 billion. This increase moved Cardano from ninth to seventh by market capitalization.

Why should you bother

Hydra Cardano is self-evident Sizing solution Which brings a new and competitive concept to the blockchain field. However, ardent and misguided fans overestimated his performance, leading to misinformation about Hydra’s abilities.

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