Charles Hoskinson Invokes Ban For Anomaly Reporting By CoinEdition


© Reuters. Charles Hoskinson summons the block for its sordid reporting
  • Charles Hoskinson advocates The Block for its passive-aggressive reporting.
  • “Journalists always tell you who they are,” the American businessman stated.
  • This isn’t Hoskinson’s first Twitter (NYSE) argument with a crypto journalist.

Famous blockchain founder Charles Hoskinson applauded crypto news outlet The Block for his coverage of Vasil’s promotion. “It’s amazing to me to see passive aggressiveness in some of the headlines,” the tech entrepreneur said, referring to The Block’s recent article titled “Cardano’s Vasil upgrade takes off after 3-month delay.”

“We just completed a major milestone that took coordination and testing from people and companies around the world, but the news is it’s a ‘three month delay,'” Monitors Hoskinson said in his latest post, adding that journalists always tell you who they are.

However, it is true that one of the controversial aspects of Vasil’s upgrade was the numerous delays. Earlier in August, Hoskinson posted a video addressing the crash. At the time, he claimed Vasil was the most ambitious update to date because it required changes to the Plutus programming language and the consensus protocol. This means more extensive testing requirements compared to previous versions, which led to setbacks.

Interestingly enough, this is not Hoskinson’s first encounter with journalists. His previous quarrel with crypto journalist Laura Sheen was over her representation in her non-fiction account of the evolution of Ethereum – Cryptopians. This particular altercation had to do with Hoskinson’s Ph.D., which Shane claimed was a fake.

Vasil’s much-anticipated upgrade is believed to bring significant improvements using Cardano’s hard fork combinator (HFC) approach. Vasil is also expected to enhance network performance by increasing throughput, script efficiency, and reducing latency in mass transmission. The crypto space, and especially the Cardano community, are eagerly awaiting to see the impact of this upgrade on the network and ADA price.

Charles Hoskinson’s Calls Out The Block post for his Snide Report first appeared in the Coin Edition.

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