Charlotte soccer goaltender Christian Kalina has back surgery

Charlotte FC may miss goalkeeper Christian Kahlina at the start of the 2023 season after undergoing successful back surgery.

The Croatian was among the most consistent goalkeepers in Major League Soccer in 2022, making 98 saves and keeping seven clean sheets for assists. Charlotte She finished ninth in the Eastern Conference during her debut season.

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However, Kahlina requires surgery to fix a hanging problem in his back. Head coach Cristian Latanzio is hopeful the 30-year-old will return sooner rather than later, but he can’t give an exact time frame when it comes to the start of 2023. MLS season.

“We are not sure exactly what day he will return,” Latanzio said. “I don’t know if he’ll be fully fit for the first game of the season, but we’ll see how the recovery goes. It shouldn’t be too much, later on.”

If Kalina can’t make it back in time for CLTFC’s opener against the New England Revolution on Feb. 25, it’s likely someone Pablo Cisnega, George Marx or Adrian Zendegas will fill his gloves.

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