ChatGPT and Other AI Platforms Can Play a Big Role in Getting More Users into Crypto By Cointelegraph


It’s no secret that bear markets are hard. A quick scan of the most important projects of any previous market cycle will reveal how many promising projects have faded into oblivion. While these cycles are often discouraging, many fail to realize that with every market downturn comes the opportunity to innovate toward a stronger future for Web3. You only need to look at the success of OpenSea to see how realistic it is to “build into a bear market” to trigger new up cycles.

So, as we navigate the market climate, which shows a glimmer of hope for an upward trajectory, what innovations do we see on the horizon? At the top of the list is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its ability to take Web3 into the most valuable and exciting period of change, a new era that will open up a goal we’ve been striving for since the point of today: preparing a billion users.

S-Curve analysis for adoption. Source: Off the Chain Capital

Harsh Rajat He is the founder and lead of the Push Protocol (formerly EPNS) project. He has over 12 years of entrepreneurial experience across the technology spectrum, including systems engineering, development, and design in various technology areas (including mobile, web services, SaaS, and blockchain). He previously founded 3 Magic Shots and Digital Poke.

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