Chelsea transfer to rival Premier League club in Stamford Bridge redevelopment plans

Chelsea are weighing their options regarding the redevelopment of Stamford Bridge.

The Blues’ 40,341-seat stadium is the smallest of the Premier League’s Big Six, while it is currently the ninth largest in the entire division.

The club has long sought to address this problem. Under the direction of Roman Abramovich, they considered redeveloping Battersea Power Station into a football stadium, while plans were also underway to demolish Stamford Bridge and build a modern 60,000-capacity arena on the same site.

While those plans never came to fruition under the Russian rule, current co-owners Todd Bohle and Clearlake are keen to overcome several hurdles in order to somehow present a new stadium.

Stamford Bridge is located in a narrow space in a built-up area in west London, close to the rail and metro links as well as the cemetery.

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According to the daily MailAnd Chelsea We hope to redevelop Stamford Bridge by 2030 at a cost that could exceed £2 billion – a steep price Boehly and Clearlake are prepared to pay.

They added that Boehly had informally discussed a temporary move down the road to Craven Cottage with Fulham owner Shahid Khan, and work on Stamford Bridge was expected to continue for at least four years.

It is suggested that while most of Chelsea’s games away from their spiritual home would be played at Craven Cottage, they could host larger matches at Wembley or Twickenham – the club has approached the RFU over the prospect of playing in the latter.

Fulham They themselves are at an advantage when it comes to playing at a rival’s home while the stadium is being redeveloped – they’ve spent two years at QPR’s Loftus Road while Craven Cottage has been refurbished to meet the Premier League standings.

Spurs also spent 18 months at Wembley while their new stadium was built on the site of the old White Hart Lane ground.

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