Chiliz Up 26% as Whales Push CHZ to Most Traded Cryptocurrency By DailyCoin

Chiliz rises 26% as whales push CHZ into the most traded cryptocurrency
  • Chiliz Blockchain celebrates its 5th anniversary ahead of Chiliz 2.0.
  • Collects the top 500 Chiliz whales (CHZ), and sends them to the top 10.
  • The football-related cryptocurrency increased its market capitalization by $155 million overnight.

The soccer-related blockchain powering all tokens on the soccer fan platform rose to levels not seen in a long time on Thursday. Besides, this is an exceptional time for the 58th digital currency by global market capitalization. Chiliz (CHZ) today celebrates its 5th birthday while also minting the first block of Chiliz Chain 2.0.

This day will go down in the crypto history books, according to Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Blockchain Sports, as Chiliz Chain 2.0 Genesis First Block was produced on February 8th at 8.08am UTC, with a total of 88888888888 CHZ coins.

Besides, the new Layer-1 solution for scaling the popular mathematical blockchain also coincides with the entire rebranding of the network. Today, Chiliz has a new logo, ambassador, and some great NFT gifts for the most loyal crypto enthusiasts.

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The festivities continue with the NFT Giveaway

Chilizis’ new Layer-1 solution is also part of South Korea’s expansion plans. Moreover, the focus on Asia is emphasized by Napoli heartthrob Kim Min-jae, who has just joined the Chili’s community as a brand ambassador.

Chiliz is running an NFT contest where crypto enthusiasts can get one of 100 limited edition NFTs with the new design introduced earlier today. In the event of a win, the NFT issued on the Chiliz Spicy Testnet will be minted and sent to the winner’s Ethereum (ETH) wallet.

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