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© Reuters CLIX Academy transforming the film industry with NFT technology

A set of unique multi-D NFTs, which double as tickets to the world of Kleks Academy, which will be available for purchase in early pre-sale on September 27, pre-sale on September 28 and in general sale on September 29.

Clix – An old story brought back to life.
Generations of Polish children have grown up on Professor Klicks, a universe that arose decades before Hogwarts. It all started with a story written by Jan Przyszwa in the 1940s, which was turned into a cult film in the 1980s, and more than 30 million Poles watched it in cinemas.

Since then, technology has advanced significantly, allowing to bring back the legendary Professor Clix, this time to a global audience. And it’s best done by the Open Mind Productions team, who released back-to-back singles, including “365 Days 1 & 2”, which garnered more than 500 million views on Netflix (NASDAQ:).

Incorporating new technology to transform the movie experience
The technology allows the team not only to tell Professor Clix’s story in ways that were previously impossible – it also allows them to convey the experience of the film to viewers like never before. Access to the Kleks Academy will be made possible thanks to a multi-D NFT, which is minted into ERC-721-compliant contracts published on the blockchain, which will be your ticket to the Kleks Academy.

Kleks Multi-D NFT’s – NFT with a twist
Kleks Academy’s Multidimensional NFTs are six-sided animated NFTs, containing 3D graphics and information, with each side containing graphics and information, revealed over time in multiple discoveries, and carriers will be able to switch sideways, making the NFT more rarity.

Kleks NFT comes with truly unprecedented benefits to its owners, which will transform the cinema experience and the NFT scene.

Bearers will be able to participate in the movie like never before – they’ll be included from the start, with access to the production process, roles in the movies as extras or speaking roles, invitations to specials, access to in-movies augmented reality elements and finally, to the Kleks metaverse academy specially designed that will enable them to continue the adventure.

$FRECKLE, the Kleks Academy’s ecosystem fuel
Kleks Academy Metaverse will be powered by $FRECKLE, a utility token on the blockchain, with each multi-D NFT, from the time of the coinage, a daily issue of $FRECKLE is allocated in the FRECKLE $METER, with a guaranteed amount of FRECKLE $issued over a period of 5 years .

We can’t wait for you to join us on this amazing adventure, full of creativity, innovation and imagination.

information about us

The Kleks Academy is a limited collection of Multi-D NFTs that will live on the Ethereum blockchain, co-founded by the Open Minded Production team. Multidimensional NFT is your ticket to the adventure of Kleks Academy, which includes the movie production process, as well as augmented reality and metaverses.

For more information visit our website and order manuscript And watch the introduction to Kleks Academy video.

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