College football transfer portal: Winners and losers from the 2023 tournament


Overhaul of Deion Sanders’ roster University of Colorado It was talk college football its season.

The numbers are staggering: More than 50 players from last year’s roster entered the college football transfer portal, with more than 40 of them in the last month alone.

while there Lots of widespread criticism On how Sanders turned the Colorado roster around, FOX Sports college football analyst RJ Young He wondered why so much negativity had been directed his way when it had been done in other schools in years past.

“It just seems unfair in the way we talk about how Prime handed the roster in Colorado when everyone who knows football tells you they don’t have a choice,” Young said on a recent episode of his podcast. And “College Football Premiere With RJ Young.” “This team was 1-11 last year. You don’t win football games with a team that isn’t talented at Pac 12 Conference where you have to play the likes USCAnd WashingtonAnd Oregon.

“There are over 400 players from Power-5 schools in the gate. Prime only needs nine players now to get to 85 and they weren’t in June. What’s the hype for? Can we give some of that hype to say, USC, which also turned the roster around?” Over the past two years?”

When Lincoln Riley left Oklahoma Taking over the head coaching job at USC back in November 2021, he immediately went to work, using the transfer portal as a tool to help build a roster that could be competitive in the Pac-12. Riley has added 20 players through the gate in just over four months, including the 2022 Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williamswho, of course, came with him from Oklahoma.

Riley and the Trojans have been active again this season in the gate, adding 15 transfers, many of whom are expected to be impact players at USC this coming season.

Young listed the top transfer gate winners and losers in the offseason last season, with Colorado and USC both relegated to the “Winners” column.

Here is a look at his full list:


Colorado buffalo

Key additions:
Travis Hunter (CB/WR, Jackson State)
Shader Sanders (QB, Jackson State)
Jacques Robinson (cb, Alabama)
Tarvarish Dawson (WR, Auburn)
Willie Gaines (WR, Jackson State)
Derek McClendon (edge, Florida)
Vito Tisdale (s, Kentucky)
Omarion Cooper (CB, Florida)

Young in Colorado: “Obviously when you add Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter in the transfer portal, you win.”

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USC Trojans

Key additions:
Dorian Singer (WR, Arizona)
Marshawn Lloyd (RB, South Carolina)
Mason Cobb (pound, Oklahoma State)
Bear Alexander (DL, Georgia)
Anthony Lucas (edge, Texas A&M)
Jack Sullivan (DL, Bordeaux)
Jamil Muhammad (pound, Georgia State)

Young at USC:Eric Gentry I did not go anywhere. I know he was injured last year, but he was a great player. The idea of ​​this guy playing in the middle of that defense instead of the back end of your defense…that’s cool. “

LSU Tigers

Key additions:
Denver Harris (CB, Texas A&M)
Darian Chestnut (CB, Syracuse)
Omar Spetz (pound, Oregon)
Aaron Anderson (WR, Alabama)
Mason Lunsford (extra time , Maryland)
Ofi Ogofu (pound, Texas)
Jacqueline Johnson (cb, Ohio State)

Young at LSU:Harold Perkins do not go anywhere. This is a win for the transfer portal. Harold Perkins may be the best defensive player in the SEC.”

Sooner Oklahoma

Key additions:
Dassin McCullough (edge, Indiana)
Rondell Boothroyd (edge, Wake Forest)
Walter Ross (extra time , Stanford)
Ford tracking (edge, Oklahoma State)
Brennan Thompson (WR, TX)
Jacob Lacey (DL, Notre Dame)

Young in Oklahoma: “Oklahoma has added some studs on the defensive line.”

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Seminoles, Florida

Key additions:
Cypress Ventril (cb, Virginia)
Jeremiah Byers (extra time , UTEP)
Jaheim Bell (TE, South Carolina)
Keon Coliman(WR, Michigan State)
Braden Fisk (DL, Western Michigan)
Casey Roddick (OL, Colorado)

Young in Florida:Jared Ferris I did not go anywhere. This is a guy who would have been a first-round draft pick had he chosen to go this year.”

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Key additions:
Sam Hartman (QB, Wake Forest)
Antonio Carter (s, Rhode Island)
Caleb Smith (WR, Virginia Tech)
Javonte Jean-Baptiste (Edge, Ohio)

Young at Notre Dame: “Sam Hartman has decided to move to South Bend, where he and … Marcus Freeman will be.”

Michigan Wolverines

Key additions:
Ernst Hausmann (pound, Nebraska)
Drake Nugent (OL, Stanford)
Ladarius Henderson (ol, Arizona)
Josiah Stewart (edge, Coastal Carolina)
Miles Hinton (OT, Stanford)
AJ Barner (TE, Indiana)
Jack Tuttle (QB, Indiana)

Young in Michigan:Blake Corum And Donovan Edwards I did not go anywhere. This is why you win. You have two from behind that can start anyone, anywhere, anytime. They decided “No, we want to stay here, we’ll bring it back again, we want to go back to the College Football Playoff a third time, we’d like to beat Ohio State a third time, we’d like to win the Big Ten Championship a third time.”


Michigan State Spartans

Major losses:
Payton Thorne (QB, Auburn)
Keon Coleman (WR, Florida State)
Galen Hunt (DL, Houston)
Jeff Petrovski (edge, Wisconsin)
Jeremy Bernard (WR, Washington)
Elijah Collins (RB, Oklahoma State)

Young at Michigan: “They have a real problem with their quarterback… I don’t want to wear that. You’re asking for too much.” Noah Kim And Katyn Houser If you thought these guys would replace Payton Thorne, who ends up going to Auburn. Set aside Keon Coleman, the man who had 798 yards and 58 caught passes as a sophomore. “

South Carolina Gamecocks

Major losses:
Jaheim Bell (TE, FL)
Jordan Burch (edge, Oregon)
Marshawn Lloyd (RB, USC)
Austin Stogner (TE, Oklahoma)

Young in South Carolina: Check out Jaheim Bell, who was something like Debo Samuel for them. He had 261 rushing yards because he had to run tailback when Marshawn Lloyd was hit, and he also had 231 rushing yards. You look at him, yeah, you can find all sorts of ways he’d be outstanding in the state of Florida. Austin Stogner also chose to move back to Oklahoma, so you have to replace both tight ends, you have to replace the starting back, it’s tough.”

Oklahoma State Cowboys

Major losses:
Spencer Sanders (QB, Ole Miss)
Brailyn Presley (WR, Tulsa)
Stephen Johnson (WR, Houston)
Dominic Richardson (RB, Baylor)
John Paul Richardson (WR, TCU)
Trace Ford (Edge, Oklahoma)
Thomas Harper (CB, Notre Dame)
Demarco Jones (CB, Tulsa)
Jabbar Muhammad (CB, Washington)
Mason Cobb (LB, USC)

Young in Oklahoma State: “It’s not like you’ve just lost guys…you’ve lost guys that other people want. That’s hard. That’s just a lot to beat right there. I expect Mike Gundy to pull a rabbit out of his hat, because that’s all Mike Gundy has done since he was coach at Oklahoma State. He’s been doing a really great job finding the diamond in the rough.”

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