Colorful Home Decor: 9 Products I Love

I’ll say it again for the people in the back: It doesn’t take much to bring a splash of color to your space! You can make a big impact with colorful home decor – even if most of your home is neutral. In fact, I think white walls with an eclectic organization of cutesy and cheery things are just the coolest kind of home you can create. (No. two in This is a list of homes guide!)

Here are some colorful home decor products that I love that will add a little bit of that wow factor to any space.

1. COOSA Mushroom Table Lamp


I recently purchased this lamp in green to add a little extra light to it my office. I have it on my desk and love both the functionality and the pop of color it brings to the space.

2. HAY Spiral 6-Pack Assorted Candles


This is an easy way to add not just one unexpected color but three well-chosen colors to your space. This set will also make a great gift for the candle lover in your life!

3. Matilda Goad & Co. tufted patterned rug

$88 – $1,798

The design of this rug is very fun and cute. I love the look, the pattern, and the entire color scheme.

4. Lulu & Georgia Umi Vase

$215 $65

I’m obsessed with the shape of this vase and love the harmonious blue stripes.

5. H&M Striped Cotton Seat Cushion


If I had chairs that needed cushions, I’d actually buy them. It’s adorable and available in five color options!

6. Opalhouse x Jungalow Broken Stripe Red Rug


I love the richness that this red carpet look will bring to any space.

7. Simon Anthropologist’s Mission Lamp


This lamp is awesome. I love the scale and subtle scallop detailing—a great way to incorporate a trend that doesn’t feel forced.

8. Urban Outfitters Waverly Bean Mirror

$59 $41

I have a similar mirror And the green color is beautiful. The scale is also modest, so it can bring visual interest into small nooks that we often neglect to consider.

9. Stories from Italy Macchia su Macchia Vase


I’m a sucker for using vases to easily change the look of a space. I’d like to add this to my collection.

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