Conor Gallagher was surprised by the inclusion of the World Cup

Chelsea midfielder Conor Gallagher has admitted he does not expect England to be the final World Cup finalist.

The 22-year-old made his England debut last year as a reward for his stellar form on loan with Crystal Palace, but has not played consistently after his return to Chelsea, with just eight of his 18 appearances starting.

However, Gallagher made the final cut to Gareth Southgate and could not hide his excitement and surprise at the decision.

“Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it,” Gallagher said of his call-up. “I don’t know percentages, I’m not good at math. I really wasn’t expecting that.”

“Obviously, I was hoping there would be an opportunity. I kept hoping, and when I received the script, I felt so honored and honored. As always, I told my dad first.

“He will always be the first person I tell this amazing news to, he is my biggest fan and my biggest inspiration.”

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Gallagher went on to discuss his decision to return Chelsea This summer and the risks that come with leaving a trusty starting spot at Selhurst Park for a team battle at Stamford Bridge.

“A lot of people said I was on a team I played a week in, a week out, and I could have had a bigger chance,” he explained.[They also said] I may not have played as much football as I would like to, but I’m at Chelsea and it’s my dream club, the team I’ve always wanted to play for.

“I try to prove myself there and impress the manager as much as I can. Fortunately, I was called up for the World Cup, [it] A wonderful feeling. All focus now is here and training as hard as we can to prepare for the matches.”

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