Crypto Investigation Exposes Scammer Who Scavenged ETH From Crypto Investors By CoinEdition


Cryptocurrency investigation revealed a fraudster who took advantage of ETH from cryptocurrency investors
  • ZachXBT exposed fraudster’s plot to prey on crypto investors on Twitter.
  • The scammer tricked investors into sending 10 ETH in exchange for a new token called DGEN.
  • The fraudster used the captured transactions using Photoshop to claim that the DGEN tokens were issued by the founders of PEPE.

Popular on-chain investigator ZachXBT brought to light a Twitter scammer who was soliciting Ether from cryptocurrency investors on Twitter by misleading them about a token airdrop. The scammer, using serdegen0x on Twitter, is said to have used fake transaction screenshots to mislead investors.

ZachXBT took to Twitter earlier today to share serdegen0x’s latest plot to prey on crypto investors. According to the on-chain spy, the scammer took photographs to convince investors on crypto Twitter that the builders behind the popular PEPE token have published a new meme called DGEN.

serdegen0x has claimed that PEPE publishers have launched a pre-contract for the DGEN token. The scammer encouraged cryptocurrency investors to send any amount of ETH to his wallet address, in order to allocate it to new token distribution. “The monkey is responsible but this could bring us another 1000x memecoin,” the scammer stated on Twitter.

Through this scam, serdegen0x has managed to collect 10 ETH worth over $18,000 at the time of writing. After securing the investments, the scammer deleted the pre-sale tweet and moved the funds to a different wallet. ZachXBT revealed that serdegen0x was a serial fraudster, having carried out similar schemes in the past.

The scammer was previously operating under the username rasucrypto and had carried out several pre-scams over the past three weeks. In one such scam, the scammer solicited ETH from crypto investors on Twitter in exchange for CHAD tokens. However, the tokens were not delivered to the investors. The scammer deposited his proceeds from the scams (more than 45 ETH) to Bitget.

A Crypto Sleuth message exposing a fraudster who has exploited ETH from Crypto Investors first appeared in Coin Edition.

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