Crypto’s First AI Video Caused a CZ Reaction: Interview with the Author

After six years of running an e-commerce business, the creative spirit is under a pseudonym framer Follow a gut feeling and open a new chapter in his life, which now includes digital assets and artificial intelligence (AI).

The former political student recently caught his attention Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance By sharing a video documentary about Czechoslovakia’s past, which he created jointly with Amnesty International.

Talk to the framer Daily Queen about how he came up with the idea for the documentary, what he learned in the process, and the reaction his video generated.

Instinct followed, I found a new passion through NFTs

Familiar with digital currencies since the 2017 bull run, Framer jumped fully into the crypto space four years later when Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) caught his eye.

"I discovered NFTs as a very interesting technology that I have seen the applications of. It has also been very interesting to observe where the value comes from in a bull market environment and why people are so crazy about the tokenized pictures. I soon realized there was a way to earn from NFTs by only using my creativity and not risking my capital," says Framer. 

Until then, he spent six years building and managing a successful e-commerce business and leading teams of up to 30 people. However, Framer eventually realized that e-commerce was not what he wanted to do. So he sold his company and opened a new page in his life.

The man soon discovered that the markets are like open c Used to buy NFT from sellers who charge higher prices than the original creators. The only way to buy from a creator is to enter a whitelist, a list of wallets that have priority access to certain groups before publishing.

“I understood that I could get a spot on the whitelist by making a video or photo about a specific project,” said Framer.

It started with a short video of “invisible friends” NFTs. The creators took notice of the video and opened their whitelist for it.

“It took me a day to make a video. When I was whitelisted, I bought an NFT for 0.25 ETH, which was trading at 12 ETH on OpenSea after the public listing.”

Soon, he realized that video creation is what he loves to do. Framer combined this new hobby with his passion for cryptocurrency, started covering crypto stories on YouTube, and began experimenting with AI-generated art.

Made the first AI video in the coding space

He quickly located the niche of unoccupied cryptocurrency videos. Besides, AI art creation tools have made it possible to tell stories in a new and unique way, which is not yet crowded on YouTube.

Framer developed “The Incredible Story of the Founder of Binance” made with Midjourney AI.

"I wanted to tell a story of CZ. He is the crypto market authority to me, with the right values ​​and a great leader to be at the top of the crypto industry," says the video creator. "Another goal: to explore AI because it is exciting, random, and also a huge challenge for myself."

The digital content creator spent up to five weeks writing the script, perfecting the AI ​​art generator, and animating with Adobe After Effects to create a 12-minute documentary about the founder of Binance, which he split into two parts.

“There is a scene in the video where a CZ is sitting at the poker table. I set up an AI task to film a 35-year-old Chinese man wearing glasses sitting at the poker table looking directly into the camera.

I then gave Midjourney a couple of CZ’s and a poker room reference photo that I wanted to see in the frame. Artificial intelligence paints the scene.”

This creative process presented a lot of challenges. AI can’t always understand nuances and often makes illustrations that don’t match the initial task. In the best case scenario, creating a single scene took 20 minutes. Sometimes, the process lasted up to two hours.

However, the biggest challenge was making the CZ look like itself, the way it actually does, and making sure its age was correct, says the video maker.

“If you’re talking about what Czechoslovakia did ten years ago, he must look ten years younger. When you show his future, he must look old. I had to make sure the hero didn’t look crooked, and his emotions were realistic. Because with AI, he might You ask for a smiley face and make someone scream with joy.

Scenes where CZ is absent require ten to 15 adjustments when crafting the task for the AI. Those with CZ need 20 to 30 corrections. It’s fast: you update a word in the description, make a visual referral, and wait for what the AI ​​will present to you.”

“I had a feeling there was something here that people hadn’t seen. Not only is this my first AI video but it’s also the first YouTube video made by one person. I’m glad it made it to Czechoslovakia, which I call one of the best today.”

CZ’s interest opened more doors

Not only did Changpeng Zhao send a message to Framer describing his video as one of the best, but he also shared the “amazing story of the founder of Binance” with his 8.2 million Twitter followers.

Within a few days, a chain reaction began. “Things happen. I actually got to meet some great people for creative work. About a dozen companies have sent me letters offering freelance assignments. Dozens of people are asking me to make tutorial videos on how to make AI videos. enormous”.

CZ’s retweet nearly doubled Framer’s number of followers on Twitter. However, the YouTube algorithm did not propel his AI documentary to the top positions. The video has been viewed more than 9,400 times since it was uploaded, most of which came from social media.

“I don’t really care about these numbers. And most importantly, I was noticed, interested people contacted me, ”Framer adds.

The video maker says he treats his AI documentary as a good start to his long and exciting path ahead.

“When I started to follow my gut feeling and do what I really wanted, miracles started to happen,” the creator reveals.

Artificial intelligence to change the way stories are told

After changing his career path from an e-commerce entrepreneur to video storytelling, Framer continues to explore the possibilities of AI tools.

According to him, the AI ​​boom will not disappear as quickly as the NFT craze. “With NFTs, there was a lot of hype, and more value was needed. And so the hype passed. For AI, whatever people expect happens two or three times better and blows people’s minds.

To the extent that money flows into the AI ​​market and the great minds are concentrated there – I mean the world’s most talented developers and engineers – there will be massive changes here. It’s all in the beginning, and our brains can’t understand how it will change our lives yet,” says Framer.

He believes that artificial intelligence will open a new era of storytelling. “People will be able to create high-quality content with minimal resources.

We’ll see AIs who can create videos themselves, just by following well-written instructions.” The documentary maker adds that big changes await the creator of both written and visual content.

“The script for the next funny video will be written using artificial intelligence. I see that artificial intelligence can come up with good jokes, and sometimes they are even better than mine,” he admits.

Until then, Framer is adding the finishing touches to the second part of “The Incredible Founder of Binance Story,” which is scheduled to be released soon.

After a month of intense work, he learned to communicate effectively with AI. However, the creator admits that his most valuable lesson was to follow his gut feeling, make choices, and believe that you can do what you enjoy.

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