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Pixel 7a leak

👻 Hello and welcome back to Daily Authority Tuesday! The sun is up, spring is on its way, and I’m headed out later this week for a candlelit tour of a haunted house from the 17th century. wish me luck!

In today’s Daily, we have Pixel 7a hands-on photos, Nothing Ear 2 specs, Keanu Reeves-named bacteria (yes, really), and more…

Google hit a punch

the Pixel 7 a It hasn’t been officially announced yet, but we’ve already seen a spec leak – and now A leaker has got their hands on a budget device To display a series of operation photos.

  • Vietnam Zing News I found out that my Pixel 7a test unit (which is for developers) has fallen into the hands of a leaker.
  • The great shots let us see the device from every angle.
  • from Leak specificationsWe already know that the phone is expected to pack a 64MP main camera from Sony, with a 6.1-inch 90Hz OLED display, powered by a Tensor G2 chip with LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1.
  • And we are excited about its launch, which will most likely happen in Google I/O 2023 On May 10th, though we’re not sure Google will be able to surprise us much when it comes to the Pixel 7a.
  • This isn’t the first time Google devices have been leaked before launch.
  • again in April 2022, Someone found a prototype Pixel watch Just lying in a restaurant and leaking it.
  • It’s not the first time we’ve seen leaked Pixel 7a images either, as a file leaker in Vietnam Photos and videos shared earlier this year, though, aren’t quite a patch on what we saw today.

Tuesday thing

My friend! Scientists have just named a bacterial compound after Keanu Reeves same (h/t Morning Brew / The New York Times).

  • Compounds that kill fungi by creating holes in their surface so they can bleed to death (nice), are named after actor John Wick’s character.
  • These compounds seem to have reminded scientists of just how lethal the Wick can be dealing with movie villains.
  • So what were they called? “Kineomycins.”

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Paula Peyton, copy editor.

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