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Google Pixel 7 Pro back camera cover

Hadley Simmons/Android Authority

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Double Google Pixel photography

The camera lens for the Google Pixel 7 Pro app has been released

Hadley Simmons/Android Authority

There is no denying that Google makes some of them beautiful Great phones. the pixels Particularly adept at photography thanks to the Google franchise Arithmetic adjustment Due to her extensive experience in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. But there is one area where we feel the Pixel phones lack when it comes to taking pictures, and it has nothing to do with the cameras.

  • the Pixel 6 And Pixel 7 are some of The best camera phones there now. The range has upped the ante with a large 50MP main camera, an impressive periscope lens on the Pro models, and a host of nifty features.
  • However, there is one notable flaw in Google’s Pixel range, and that is the accessory system.
  • While they have a reputation for first-rate camera experience, there are relatively few Camera accessories Available on Pixel phones.
  • There are two options, such as Moment (M) force states, allowing you to use MagSafe accessories on the Pixel phone, but that’s the scope of the third-party camera accessory ecosystem for Google phones.
  • Needless to say, Pixel-specific add-ons are not provided.

Lessons from the past

  • This is a far cry from the camera-related accessories for smartphones of the past.
  • The Nokia Lumia 1020 in 2013 and the LG G5 of 2016 both featured camera knobs. Huawei has released diving cases for the Mate 20 Pro of 2018 and later. The third-party Kraken brand has released world-class dive cases over the past few years, too.
  • We’ve also seen Essential offer a detachable 360 ​​camera module for those unlucky Basic phone.
  • Meanwhile, Motorola’s Moto Z series of smartphones introduced several camera-related smartphones Moto mod Plugins.
  • There’s certainly room for Pixel camera accessories for enthusiasts or specific situations.
  • We’d love to see Google and its partners release exclusive accessories to take advantage of the Pixel’s excellent cameras.
  • do you agree? Take our survey here Have your say.

Fool Wed

oneplus 10t screen in manual sunlight

Ryan Haines/Android Authority

Imagine you are an Ivy League professor and receive random letters from prisoners. Well, this happens to this Harvard professor Says He receives thank-you notes from classmates, some of whom secretly use smartphones to take free computer science lessons.

  • said an inmate in Georgia Marshall Project He uses a forbidden phone to teach the other prisoners.
  • He said he runs a group letter of 300 prisoners, teaching them computer science using an online Harvard CS50 course.
  • The collective message also includes prisoners in other states.
  • In addition to prisoners taking online classes like the man in Georgia, some pretend to be regular students in online classes, something that online learning through Zoom allows.
  • David Malan, the Harvard professor who teaches the course, says he’s received thank-you notes from prisoners who attended the class.
  • Malan encourages imprisoned students to reach out to him if they have trouble accessing the course.
  • It is good to know that not all illegal phones used in prison are for disreputable activities. It is also a remarkable initiative for the prisoner who sent the mass message.

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