Dan Marino thought of letting the dolphins chase the Super Bowl

last year, Matthew Stafford He won the Super Bowl in his first season with ramswhich seemed to bolster the shifting midfield trend to have better chances of winning it all. Matt Ryan And the Russell Wilson They were traded last off-season and hope to replicate Stafford’s success.

If that was a thing 25 years ago, arguably the best quarterback to never win a Super Bowl might have had a different ending to his career. Hall of Famer Dan Marino, who played his entire career with dolphinsadmitted to McKenzie Salmon in the USA Today He considered changing teams late in his career.

“Yes, I definitely thought about it to be honest with you,” Marino said. “I played 17 years with the Dolphins, and they were kind of going in a new direction and a new coach, and I had offers to play elsewhere and I really thought about it, maybe I could have a chance to win a championship like Matthew [Stafford] it’s over.”

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