D’Angelo Russell and the hot shooting bench encouraged the Lakers to get back on the Raptors

Los Angeles Lakers guard D'Angelo Russell (1) pass during the first half of an NBA basketball game.

Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell pass through the first half of the Lakers’ 122-112 victory over the Toronto Raptors at Crypto.com Arena Friday night. Russell finished with 28 points on his return from injury. (Marcio Jose Sanchez/The Associated Press)

Quiet and fast, all at once.

Appear Angelo Russell He can move around with the basketball in his hands, deftly navigating defenses patiently before rushing to the point he wants to get to.

It’s deceptively fast, things happen faster than you expect.

That’s kind of how the game played out in Russell’s Return, the fast, devastating bursts that took the direction of the game and turned it around sharply.

and the Lakers Point Guard was behind the wheel, whipping it towards Los Angeles

Russell was in the middle of the biggest runs, recording transitional triples and an assist as the game swung hard to the Lakers through the second and fourth quarters.

He made five triples and scored 28 points to lead the Lakers to A’s win 122-112 In a match they have trailed by at least 12 in each half.

“That’s why he’s here.” Coach Darvin Hamm He said.

The Five Lakers scored in double digits, and the team withstood big games from Scotty Barnes (32 points) and OG Anunoby (31 points on 12-for-14 shooting).

Anthony Davis took just seven shots and scored just eight points with the Raptors defense chasing him. He made a jumper pass with 46.6 seconds left to seal the Lakers’ third straight win.

Lakers lead guard Austin Reeves, top quarterback, to the basket against the Toronto Raptors in the first half.

Lakers lead guard Austin Reeves, top quarterback, to the basket against the Toronto Raptors in the first half. Reaves finished with 18 points. (Marcio Jose Sanchez/The Associated Press)

It just shows the character he has. Austin Reeves He said. “He was just as happy winning tonight by scoring eight points as he was after scoring 39.”

Dominating Lakers depth, Wayne Gabriel finished with a plus-19. That was the lowest plus-minus of any bench player who played for the Lakers on Friday night.

The Lakers made all 19 of their free throws, and only allowed 22 points in the fourth quarter, but it was Russell’s comeback that encouraged them.

“His size, his skill-set, his brains,” Hamm said before the match when asked what Russell brings to the ground. “I think he’s a really talented, smart basketball player and you have to hold him accountable. He’s a smart defensive player as well, so he’s just another added piece that we’re really, really excited about, and people get a taste of what he brings early on. Coming out of injury is great timing with Lebron conditions. But we’re looking forward to this great addition and expect him to kind of be a spark for us.”

After a slow start with the Lakers trailing by 15, Russell led the Lakers 21-5 in the second quarter, showing why the team valued him at the trade deadline.

And his habit is also activated Dennis Schroederwho moved to the bench and was able to give more while being asked for less, another playmaker and pitcher is back on the floor.

Without Russell, Schroeder’s offense took a serious blow, as the wear and tear of committing the offense was clearly wearing him down.

But on Friday, he played with more pace and explosiveness, something Hamm said he expects to see.

“It’s difficult when you’re the only traditional goalkeeper in the squad,” Hamm said. We take [Russell] Come out there and Dennis being able to see the initial wave and automatically know when he scores in the game what we need to do, what needs to be fixed or what needs to be sustained, it sure is a good luxury [Russell] Now back in the lineup. Just that punch. So when he sits. We have another coordinator to come in and keep us organized and set the tone.”

Schroeder was the fastest in losing balls, with four steals while striking out with 23.

“That energy spills over into everyone else,” said Reeves.

And with the Lakers’ offense remaining neutral against the size and power of third-place Toronto, the Reeves have kept them close enough. He ignited the crowd later in the first half, driving down the middle of the field to hit a slam dunk with both hands.

“We did a really good effort,” Reeves said. “…we had to make some adjustments and play harder.”

The Lakers went on a 32-11 run between the third and fourth to turn the game one last time.

“We always say ‘Don’t be discouraged. Be more competitive.'”

This story originally appeared Los Angeles Times.

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