DaoMaker’s Degen Zoo builds an abandoned Logan Paul game in 30 days


Dijon Zoois an NFT game derived from Logan Paul’s abandoned Crypto Zoo, and was single-handedly developed by Christoph Zaknun in 30 days. The founder of DAO Maker took on the challenge of building a rack concept to disprove Paul’s claim that the development cycle would take years. More than 115,000 wallets have signed up to join the game with pledges of more than $700 million, setting new records for a crypto game.

Degen Zoo includes a shrinkage token and NFT collection of 120 endangered species. It is designed to simulate the impact of capitalism on animal extinction. Players are incentivized to “kill” their animal NFT, driving the group to extinction and thus raising awareness of the devastating effects of human greed on wildlife.

After being criticized that he did nothing for a year after raising the money, Logan Paul released a video explaining that Christophe Zaknon had no right to dictate the required development timeline. This prompted the founder of DAO Maker to prove him wrong by creating the game himself in just 30 days. To further inundate Paul by highlighting the YouTube star’s greed, Zaknun has pledged to donate all profits from Degen Zoo to charity.

Interest in Degen Zoo rose during the development period, aided by Zaknon’s decision to broadcast daily updates on its progress. Over 250,000 people have followed Degen Zoo Twitter and linked to updates on the project. Hours before the deadline on Day 30 of the challenge, Degen Zoo’s first network quiz was launched. In a matter of days, more than 30,000 testnet transactions were made by 3,000 players eager to try out the game.

Having initially started working on the game as a joke, Christophe Zaknon is now continuing to release the mainnet of Zoo Degen. During its accelerated development path, Degen Zoo has outpaced demand for any GameFi release to date, surpassing all previous benchmarks. In the process, it has evolved from a new concept into a viable experiment in game theory and human psychology.

About Dijon Zoo

Degen Zoo is a unique crypto game that forces players to balance their needs with those of the world’s most endangered species. There are 120 exotic creatures in Degen Zoo, which mimic humanity’s impact on the environment. Can you save them by making the ultimate sacrifice and “killing” your NFT? Degen Zoo came from Crypto Zoo, Logan Paul’s aborted GameFi concept, and was created in just 30 days by DAO Maker’s Christoph Zaknun. Learn more: https://www.degenzoo.co/

About Dow Maker

DAO Maker is a prominent crypto incubator that has leveraged most of the important developments in the industry. With over $1 billion in assets under custody, DAO Maker is widely regarded as the No. 1 Launchpad. As leaders in retail venture capital, DAO Maker has distributed more than $200 million to its users. The platform has more than 1 million users and lists all its incubated projects. DAO, the native utility token of DAO Maker, is currently ranked in the top 130 tokens on Coinmarketcap.


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