Davos: Founder of the World Economic Forum Dubs Collab Village “Dream Come True”

The World Economic Forum (WEF), in partnership with Accenture and Microsoft, has unveiled a working prototype for its metaverse project. It is common as Global Collaboration Village It was unveiled at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

To use the metaverse and its technology for the greater good, the World Economic Forum aims to encourage dialogue, among other initiatives, with the upcoming project.

The metaverse village will reportedly be built using Microsoft’s in-house technology for targeting 2D and 3D media. Klaus Schwab, founder and CEO of the World Economic Forum, hopes the village will lay the foundation for a collaborative space without borders.

Peaceful Dialogue in Metaverse

At a press conference on January 17, WEF Founder and CEO Klaus Schwab, Accenture CEO Julie Sweet, and Microsoft Vice President Brad Smith shared their insights on the Global Collaboration Village.

The founder of the World Economic Forum explained that the Global Collaboration Village is a “groundbreaking” effort to use the metaverse for good. He added that the virtual village is a dream come true as it calls for an open platform in which everyone around the world can participate.

Schwab revealed that the consortium includes more than 80 international companies and organizations, incl International Monetary Fund (IMF)the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), among others, are in partnership to build a global village of cooperation.

The Executive Director of the World Economic Forum expressed his hope that the Metaverse will continue to serve as a meeting ground for stakeholders in Davos. Schwab added that the physical world is limited, while the virtual world is full of unlimited possibilities. He is fascinated by the technology’s capabilities despite its experimental nature.

The Global Collaboration Village hopes to increase its impact through encouragement Dialogues between leaders Under the World Economic Forum.

Later in the press conference, Microsoft Vice President Brad Smith emphasized the global importance of the Global Collaboration Village given the international influence of the World Economic Forum.

He said that the Global Cooperation Village is taking advantage of the opportunity to create a borderless village open to all. It enables everyone with access to the internet and the metaverse to participate in a virtual conversation.

Smith also revealed that the Global Collaboration Village will be available on various platforms, including 2D and 3D devices. He added that the virtual village has progressed greatly and is ready for a wider community. Smith concluded that their main goal is to complete the product by this year.

The World Economic Forum is one of the most influential independent organizations. The forum is one of the most credible and respected, centered around business, politics, governance, and more. The WEF’s interest in Web3 technology, especially the metaverse, can help legitimize the space and encourage mass and institutional adoption.

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