Developers from all over the gaming industry debunk unfair criticism of early GTA 6 visuals

palm face: While some were excited to see the leaked images and videos of Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6, others found it an opportunity to beat the developers and pick the game’s graphics, saying what we’ve seen is what we’ll get. The game developers responded by proving that such feelings are completely unfounded.

Grand Theft Auto 6 the huge Not only spawn heaps of DMCA get down Notices and the FBI Investigation. It also took out armchair game designers who complained about the game’s visuals. One complaint, in particular, sparked a flurry of counter-tweets from developers.

On September 19, shortly after GTA 6 images and videos were leaked, Twitter user AvgGuy (@Design4Mind317) tweeted:

“If you know how the game is being developed, you will know that the visuals are one of the first things to get done. This game takes 4 years of planning and development. What you see is almost exactly what you will get. Next year is a coding and debugging job. All interface elements Background It looks so [sic]”

AvgGuy made his Twitter account private shortly thereafter, presumably due to embarrassment and shady direct messages, but not before finding out about your meme. capturing For future generations.

The post caused quite a stir in the industry, with real developers from across the AAA and indie gaming sectors tweeting, “Graphics are the first thing that is finished in a video game,” followed by examples that prove this statement is not entirely true.

Paul Ehreth of Remedy, lead designer of a mini-game called Control, noted that his game won several awards for its visuals, then introduced a clip from some of the pre-alpha games showing that the game’s graphics were pretty harsh around the edges.

Making judgments about GTA 6’s visuals early in development isn’t fair. Saying, “What you see is exactly what you’ll get,” as AvgGuy did, is just plain stupid. So the memes kept popping up.

Bungie’s chief designer, Josh Kulinski, showed off some early snapshots from a personal project he was working on before he landed a job at Bungie.

Hey! At least he got the animation straight out of the box down.

Indie studio Massive Monster tweeted a side-by-side alpha/final video of their latest hit, Cult of the Lamb. While MM designed the title in intended cartoonish style, the early versions were primitive, with many placeholder origins. In some cases, the backgrounds and textures are completely missing.

Sam Barlow, creator of Immortality, shared screenshots of a scene in the game before and after launch. The previous image shows dots without texture on a general horizontal background. He explains that the team used these placeholders for two years while leveling the AI ​​game and fighting. Another great example that the phrase “graphics is the first thing to be finished in a video game” is wrong.

We could literally go ahead with these memes, but you get the point. If you want more, Resetera catalogs the best of them.

Players are an exhausted bunch, and when they think they know better than the actual developers, they do worse.

There was a time when we (the gamers) stared in awe at the latest massive graphics wondering how the developer made the models so realistic. However, we messed it up after a while and found minor graphical bugs in the game. Naturally then, I suppose, the next development of this fatigue would be the picking of games that weren’t even finished.

Let’s conclude with a tweet from former BioWare producer Mark Darra, who sums it up nicely with an anecdote from Mass Effect 3 Days:

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