Do Kwon bails amid shady purse moves of $7 million


  • Do Kwon denies charges of fraud in Montenegro.
  • Terra’s Do Kwon defense attorneys are asking for $436.4 thousand bail.
  • Do Kwon is granted bail, despite being a flight risk.
  • Meanwhile, portfolio associated with Kwon He made a $7 million move.

High-profile cryptocurrency entrepreneur Do Kwon denied charges of forging documents with his business partner and travel companion Han Chang Jun at a Montenegrin court hearing on Thursday. In addition, Do Kwon’s lawyers requested that the two defendants be released on bail of 400,000 euros each, equivalent to $436,400.

While notorious Founder of Terra Luna Do Kwon has pleaded not guilty, and the wallet linked to Do Kwon has made two unexpected movements, according to on-chain statements. Interestingly, the wallet holder made multiple transactions totaling $7 million while Do Kwon himself was still behind bars.

next to, These remittances are suspicious He was spotted by Seoul-based Professor Gayo Cho, who was investigating the matter The case of Terra Luna For more than a year it tracks the wallet’s blockchain movements.

Do Kwon Free Again: Montenegro Grants $436,400 on Bail

Even more interesting, the Podgorica court granted Do Kwon and Han Chang-joon bail of 400,000 euros, which equals $436,400. The couple was asked to comment on their current financial situation by local judges, to which Do Kwon replied, “It’s average.”

Furthermore, Montenegrin court officials have been warned that both Do Kwon and Han Chang-joon are high flight risks. He was an entrepreneur Caught up Private jet to Dubai, UAE at Podgorica airport during the international global chase.

However, the Waldo cipher He promised the Montenegrin court to be on his best behavior: “I will not hide, I agree to security measures, I will come upon request.” According to the bail arrangement, Do Kwon and his colleague are likely to remain under house arrest in one of the apartments of the defendant lawyer’s girlfriend.

Ultimately, the bailout grant comes at a time when the CEO of TerraForm Labs is wanted by at least two states – United State His homeland is South Korea. whether extradition or repatriationIt is very likely that Do Kwon could face a prison sentence of between 10 and 40 years, according to the latest comment from the head of the South Korean Special Task Force.

on the flip side

  • One of the plaintiffs, Harris Chaputych, opposed the decision to release Do Kwon on bail.
  • He explained that Mr. Kwon had “no interest” in staying in Montenegro.

Why should you bother

Do Kwon is the founder of TerraForm Labs, the blockchain company responsible for the May 2022 crash of Terra (LUNA) and Terra (UST), causing irreparable damage to the crypto industry.

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