Dookey Dash Yuga Labs website down the drain?

Dookey Dash Yuga Labs website down the drain?

  • Yuga Labs recently launched its first game, the skill-based runner Dookey Dash.
  • The creator of BAYC distributed the game via BAYC SANITATION CARDwhich sold out instantly, generating more than $26 million in sales.
  • After the game’s success, Yuga Labs faced several hiccups, the latest being the reported game domain.

The newly released Temple Run-inspired game garnered a lot of attention from the general consensus. However, since the launch of Dookey Dash, Yuga Labs has fallen victim to a data breach, and now their domains are being flagged for malware.

stuck on doki

After making millions of dollars selling BAYC Sewer Pass for Dookey Dash, Yuga Labs account hacked MailChimp data breach On January 19th. MAYC creator accounts were listed among the 133 affected individuals.

Quick Yoga Labs looking at Its users say they only used a Mailchimp account for email communications, and there was no evidence of data being exported.

However, after clarifying, Yuga Labs announce Twitter reported that the “.xyz” domain for the first game, Dookey Dash, had been flagged for malware. Yuga Labs has since taken the game into a new domain and promised refunds to users affected by the outage.

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However, many users were skeptical about the new domain and brought the migration process questionable.

To clear up doubts, Willie Arono, co-founder of Yuga Labs, explained that they didn’t know why the domain was flagged and have since moved to a new domain. The co-founder then encouraged users to use warm wallets and take precautions to keep their assets safe.

Some users indicated that a malicious actor could have exploited Google’s Safe Browsing feature and incorrectly reported domain blocking.

However, shortly after the co-founder claimed, the new domain was also flagged for phishing by Google’s Safe Browsing automated system.

Upon inspection, DailyCoin found both sites to work. However, Yuga Labs has not yet informed users of the reason for the flag.

on the flip side

  • The BAYC creator’s first game costs about $2,300 for three weeks of play.
  • Sewer Pass NFT by Yuga Labs is not available on some popular NFT marketplaces like NFTX and LooksRare.
  • Yuga Labs used specific terms in the new smart contract, including a ban list of all titles that do not support NFT artist royalty enforcement.

Why should you bother

Yoga Labs is one of the most popular web3 projects at the moment. The famous NFT group, Bored Ape Yacht Club, has attracted the attention of many celebrities around the world.

Dookey Dash was a huge step for Yuga Labs, as it was the first time the project had released a game that brought Ape’s profile pictures to life. However, despite its popularity and success, the platform is going through a tough time.


Read about Yuga Labs’ plan for 2023:

The other side of Yuga Labs is gearing up for 2023, hinting at exciting new features.

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