Drake Awaiting Bitcoin (BTC) Redemption Shows Stop Ledger Cold Wallet

Canadian hip-hop star Drake took to Instagram on Friday to share a photo of his Ledger hardware wallet. The multi-platinum rapper has been an ambassador for Bitcoin (BTC) since 2021, when he bet over $1 billion in cryptocurrency at the Super Bowl and cashed in two massive UFC bets, later forming a partnership with Stake. Besides, Drake and fellow music mogul Snoop Dogg have invested several million dollars MoonPay earlier this year.

However, this time the sponsorship deal is not the issue. Ledger has officially stated that they do not have a partnership deal with Aubrey Graham, popularly known as Drake. Ariel Wengrove, Vice President of Communications at Ledger, said:

“Ledger doesn't have a partnership with Drake and didn't give him that Ledger, but we're not surprised Drake gets the power of self-custody and protecting his assets”.

Currently, the rapper has a net worth of $260 million and it is not known how many More ms Does he keep in his gleaming, diamond-encrusted ledger?

Cold wallets provide relief after an FTX scare

Crypto Halloween went in full swing when the second largest crypto platform, FTX, and its parent token, FTX (FTT), were ripped to pieces within a week. He sent this Index of fear and greed in cryptography to recently unseen levels of Extreme fearas investors ran to cryptocurrency platforms to cash in.

As self-sovereignty becomes a top priority for crypto enthusiasts and big-time investors, cold storage wallets come into play An opportunity to stay safer. Self-custody wallets feature an extension CC EAL5+ certified secure chipwhich means that it will be extremely difficult to snatch it away, even for the most creative of crypto hustlers.

In the end, the hip-hop world seems to benefit greatly from Ledger walletwhere the Ledger Nano appears in the music videos of Doja Cat and Saweetie, while Guna shook the ice chain With a Diamond Ledger necklace at the Met Gala. This comes at a time when the public does not trust centralized exchanges, which is why it may set a new security standard for crypto enthusiasts.

Celebrities showing off their cold storage wallets can increase cryptocurrency adoption as well as raise awareness about some of the most sensitive security issues revolving around cryptocurrencies.

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