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Now that we’re settled into our new home, I’m finally settling down again. For years I’ve been drawing on small pieces of paper from our dining room table – I just didn’t feel I had enough space to add easels and large canvases into the mix. But I now have the space for a drawing area to myself in my home office, and have been drawing incessantly for the past few months—nights, weekends, winter breaks—painting, painting, and painting.

I get so much joy from drawing my loved ones, imagined people and scenes, and self-portraits too. Trying to get a good likeness, but also working to capture a person’s spirit. This is really the hardest part. I am very happy with some of these paintings, others I can barely look at and hide in my closet, but with every new painting I do, I learn something new and love the process, So Many.

This piece is “mixed media”. I used wire to curl my own hair. Pun intended 😉

my buddies.

My daughter, Ida, was also in the mix, participating in the sketch while listening to stand-up comedy! It was a great bonding activity for her and me.

So far I’ve been using mostly acrylics but I’m thinking of starting playing with oils soon…

This might be my favourite…

I hope you’re enjoying your winder so far!

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