Dustin may seem like an old guy, who can’t be overlooked in five roles as the empty giants of the Dodgers

Dodgers pitcher Dustin May plays against the San Francisco Giants during the fifth inning on September 16, 2022.

Dustin May, who worked his way back from Tommy John’s surgery, threw a ball uninjured for five rounds before being cleared. The Dodgers, whose streak-free run ended in sixth place, beat the Giants 5-0. (Tony Avillar/The Associated Press)

Dodgers They were hoping for incremental improvements to come out of Dustin May On Friday night.

Over five blow-free rounds, the strong right-handed made so much more.

On his best start since returning from Tommy John’s surgery last month, May has been clinical as he beats the Dodgers 5-0 . win Above the San Francisco Giants in Oracle Park.

His fastball drive was more consistent than in his first four starts, going with just one hit while finding the hit zone with 40 out of 69 pitches.

His secondary purposes were sharper. He used the curve and change ball to help raise four strokes.

With the slight increase in velocity that involved two pitches in excess of 100 mph, the giant hitters looked helpless, failing to score a hit against him in five innings while managing a few hard-hit balls.

“You throw hits, plain and simple. It’s a strange concept. You throw hits, and you come out,” May said before hitting a dead end.

That’s what the 25-year-old did, on minimal hits after erasing his only flaw, walking once in the second half, with double play in the next hit.

The only reason why May – who said he didn’t even realize he had no maladies when he was taken out of the game – didn’t keep moving forward? He suffered from pain in his arm after his previous start, according to Manager Dave Roberts, which prompted the team to postpone its release for a few days and limit the number of its performances. (May has made no fewer than 80 throws in each of his previous three starts.)

Sincerely Alex Physia He dropped a single Luis Gonzalez on a slow drum to second with two sixth-place wins, ending the year’s unsuccessful ninth Dodgers show to pass five innings.

Despite this, the Bulls still offloaded the Giants for the rest of the night to score the team’s 14th close of the season.

With the Dodgers retaining an early four-game lead after beating right-hand giants Logan Webb – including a three-stroke rally in round four that Roberts described as “one of the best offensive roles we’ve had” – the manager considered keeping May for another session. .

In the end, Roberts said, “To get him out of the game, feeling good, is to win.” “Looking at how he threw baseball the last few times, building tonight and [knowing he’s] Taking a regular break his next turn, it was a smart decision.”

Indeed, May’s performance on Friday was a necessary reversal of a bowler who has been going in the wrong direction for the past few weeks.

Mookie Betts congratulates Dodgers Chris Taylor after scoring in the fourth inning on September 16, 2022.

The Mookie Betts congratulated Chris Taylor (3) of the Dodgers after Taylor scored a goal on Cody Bellinger’s fourth single. Taylor also had one RBI single on that tour. (Tony Avillar/The Associated Press)

After giving up only two rounds (one of which happened) in his first two games, both against the Miami Marlins, May looked more shaken in his last two games against the San Diego Padres.

In 10 total rounds, he gave up 10 runs (nine earned) while walking as many hitters as he hit (eight each).

His control was everywhere. Defensive blunders at times seemed to contribute to mounting frustration. The bowler the Dodgers were counting on to contribute to the post-season looked far from the peak of October form.

“The guy who’s coming off Tommy John, the last thing that’s going to come is the feel, the matter,” Roberts said before the game. “This is a good test for him.”

He’s gone through with flying colors, flashing the kind of dominance the Dodgers will need from him as the post-season kicks off.

“It’s huge,” Mai said. “If I can throw hits, I’ll get out fast, get in and out.”

“He’s starting to find his way,” Roberts added.

This story originally appeared Los Angeles Times.

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