Early gameplay footage for GTA 6 has been leaked online

Huge cast of what appears to be early gameplay footage Rockstar Grand Theft Auto VI It was leaked onlineto me PCGamer. The leak, which was posted early Sunday morning, contains more than 90 gameplay videos that have been confirmed as real. Bloomberg Reporter Jason Schreyer says he’s verified that the leak is real through sources at Rockstar Games.

according to PCGamerThe leak was posted by “teapotuberhacker” on the GTA and . forums Claims to be behind an unrelated Uber hack late last week. based on a report from Bloomberg in JulyLittle is known about him GTA VI It appears to be in line with some of the assets spotted in the leaked videos. This includes several playable characters including a female character and the return of a Miami-esque setting for Vice City, last seen in 2002. GTA: Vice City. Lots of gameplay footage in the leak It’s pretty clear that it’s still in an early stage of development – complete with unfinished templates and forms all over the place, and the code runs in real time across many of them.

Where PCGamer According to the leaks, the footage spread online on Twitter and Reddit. In one of the videos, a player named Lucia is seen steal dinner. Another sees another player’s character, a white man, participating in a poolside conversation complete with very good voice acting and Dialogue questions the existence of Finland. However, a lot of the shots are in rough shape and mostly contain featureless placeholders that move around an empty landscape.

It is unclear how old the footage is but according to the edgeThe gameplay seems to work on RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3080 cards which means “The development life can be no more than two years.“Rock star” It was only recently confirmed who – which GTA VI It was in development after years of rumors.

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