Eastern Kentucky delivers its first NCAA battery batter of the season with the game winner Halfcourt

Close-up view looking at an orange basketball dropping across the rim and a white nylon net with arena lights and lens flare in the background.

Now that’s how you end a game of college basketball. (Getty Images)

The beauty of college basketball is the sheer chaos that can erupt from even a game in the middle of a game, and Eastern Kentucky showed just that on Friday.

Facing the prospect of a 1-3 start, the Colonels found themselves down by two points against Georgia State with 5.4 seconds left in the game, and Panthers guard Don Odom hit a free throw. In need of a miracle, watch EKU Odom miss and guard Cooper Robb get the rebound.

Rob only got the ball up to the half court pennant before hauling the ball for the first time in the college basketball season. No one ever said the sports craze had to be limited to the month of March.

The locker room was rather full in the minutes that followed.

Prior to that shot, Rob had been 1-for-9 from the field and 0-for-4 from 3-point range, so it was only natural that he would shoot from behind the court line. The fifth-year player finished with seven points, four rebounds and an assist in 32 minutes.

That hitting came after a big comeback from Eastern Kentucky, which trailed by as much as 20 points late in the first half and 13 points in the second half. It took an 11-2 run to bring the Colonels within striking distance, and then some magic to put them over the top.

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