El Salvador will buy 1 bitcoin (BTC) a day, Nayib Bukele announces

El Salvador will buy 1 bitcoin (BTC) a day, Nayib Bukele announces

In the wake of Bitcoin Lightning SummitEl Salvador’s President Neb Boquel wrote a prescription for his nation. According to a message on Twitter, his government will buy one bitcoin (BTC) every day. Thus, the pro-bitcoin chief implemented his long-term dollar cost averaging strategy.

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Bitcoin (BTC) in El Salvador continues to grow

Ultimately, this means that El Salvador can save for the long term, even if the crypto winter lasts for a long time. Currently, El Salvador holds a total of 2,381 BTC, which were bought at an average price of $45,000. According to Bukele’s Crypto wallet trackerBitcoin BTC investment in El Salvador is currently down 63.22%.

With the cryptocurrency industry still licking its wounds after the FTX fiasco, the tiny Latin American country is likely in a two-for-one deal with DCA’s strategy. Twitter encryption Society praised Bukele for the move, some even predicted that El Salvador would be “so rich, it’s disgusting”.

Big Decisions for Bitcoin at the BTC Lightning Summit

The decision to buy 1 bitcoin per day comes in the middle of a very special event. The annual BTC conference in San Salvador, the nation’s capital, It is his last day in El ZonteNovember 17th will be the culmination of the event.

Bitcoin Beach invites cryptocurrency enthusiasts and nature lovers from all over the world. Whether or not it is easy to pay with bitcoin to get juice, Participants From the summit they will have the chance to discover it for themselves.

According to reports, Still, some traders find it difficult To accept BTC, even in El Zonte. However, most of the locals are happy with Nayib Bukele’s decision to adopt the world’s largest cryptocurrency as legal tender. Besides, this bold move has greatly boosted the tourism sector. This opened up new opportunities for the previously unbanked 70% of El Salvador’s population.

on the flip side

  • El Salvador is constantly being dragged into the mud by the media for its bitcoin tactics.
  • President Neb Bokil wrote an article about Central bank owned media Thus, it lacks objectivity.
  • Volcano Bonds, which are supposed to be backed by BTC, have been delayed twice.
  • 77% of Salvadorans are inclined to think That the government has spent enough money on BTC as it is.

Why should you bother

The tiny Latin American country of El Salvador seeks financial freedom and transparency that does not depend on a centralized banking system. Being the first country in the world to adopt BTC as legal tender, El Salvador is laying the groundwork for other countries to follow in its footsteps.

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