Elon Musk Admits Twitter Has Too Much Advertising, Says A Fix Is Coming TechCrunch

Elon Musk continues to shake things up at a rapid pace on Twitter, and on Saturday, the CEO-still (I guess he hasn’t found anyone willing to take over yet?) appeared to address user complaints that ads are getting worse on the platform. Musk said the social network will “take steps” to address what he acknowledges is the frequency of ads shown on Twitter, and the ads themselves taking up too much space. Finally, Musk reiterated that there will also be a new, higher-priced subscription tier coming that will remove ads entirely.

The option to pay to get rid of ads entirely has been something Twitter users have been craving since at least the introduction of Twitter’s original paid subscription, which offered a number of features to users but did nothing to change the rate at which they saw ads on the site. Musk previously indicated that there will be an ad-free higher-tier subscription Coming in 2023 in mid-December last year. At the time, Musk also said that Blue Sky subscribers at the current rate would see half of the ads from free users.

Musk’s acknowledgment of the sorry state of ads on Twitter comes right after he oversaw the death of the network’s support for third-party clients. Twitter cut off API access for these clients Starting last week, it abruptly revoked access for its largest clients, including Tweetbot and Twitterific, and then updated its developer guidelines earlier this week to cut off full access for all of those clients.

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