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In a recent meeting on Twitter, Elon Musk announced that he would indefinitely delay the relaunch of Twitter Blue, or the paid verification program. The only condition in which they feel comfortable relaunching Twitter Blue, is when they can be confident that no significant impersonations have occurred.

Elon Musk delays restarting Twitter's $8 'paid verification' indefinitely, wants to limit impersonation

Elon Musk plans to fight impersonation of major advertisers and organizations by using different colors for different badges. Image credit: AFP

One of Musk’s first big changes to Twitter after taking office was the introduction of the revamped Twitter Blue, which gave users the ability to purchase a verified Twitter Blue checkmark, along with a host of bundled features.

Despite internal warnings from the Twitter Trust and Safety staffThe Musk-led rollout quickly led to widespread impersonations of high-profile accounts, including those of Twitter advertisers. In fact, some of the most prominent Twitter accounts were heavily impersonated, including Musk’s accounts that quickly spiraled out of control. Pharmaceutical Company In fact I lost billions after counting the impersonation They sent a tweet that caused their stock to crash.

Twitter Blue subscriptions, or essentially, the paid verification program, were discontinued after only two days. Executing Musk’s plan was clearly a mess.

Musk announced last week that his team would be relaunched Service by November 29. In a meeting Monday with the remaining 2,700 Twitter employees, Musk announced that Twitter “may launch[paid verification]next week, or not.” He added, “But we won’t launch until there is a high level of confidence in the protection against massive impersonations.”

“Any given social media platform, in my view, it doesn’t matter what it is, is going to be vulnerable to bots and trolls unless there is some payment hurdle to dramatically increase the cost of bots and trolls,” he said.

Although it remains unclear how Musk plans to combat impersonation by advertisers and major organizations, one theory that has emerged among people who follow the matter closely is the use of different colors of badges.

Since Musk took over and announced that verification can be purchased on the platform, so has Twitter Add and remove separate and gray check marks and labels in highlighted accounts without explanation.

Musk said the company would “potentially” need to give “enterprises and businesses” a “different color check” but didn’t elaborate, noting that “it’s still something we’re thinking about.”

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