Elsie Mother’s Day gift ideas


mother’s Day Sneaking up on us, I thought it would be fun to share these beautiful and useful Mother’s Day gift ideas!

If you’d rather give a gift, check out our post Easy DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas.

personalized jewelry

For my mom’s first few days, I celebrated with these episodes With my daughters names engraved. Years later, it has become my all-time favorite gift because I wear it almost every day.

Links: custom message necklace / Stacked initial necklace / Four leaf clover necklace / initial earrings / painting necklace / Gold name bracelet / monogram necklace / Stackable name ring / fingerprint necklace / initial necklace / Hand engraved necklace / gold name ring / emerald ring / eye locket

Kitchen and dining

I love kitchen Gifts because I think of the person who gave me the item every time I use it. It’s practical, but also luxurious when you receive an item that you wouldn’t have bought for yourself.

Links: Apron / Air Fryer / Smeg boiler / oval dish / Serving bowl / Recipe box / daisy cup / Always pan / popcorn bowl / Linen napkins / Smeg coffee maker / cake platform / dead oven / Wooden heart panels / Babylon drink glass / Deviled egg tray

Beautiful books

I have a total addiction to coffee table books…

Links: Good day for baking / A place called home / Jacques Frieda’s wife / Walt Disney’s inspiration / cherry blossoms / bibliostyle / A life in style / Leading craft artist /cool stuff / egg shop / Anni and Josef Albers / wonderland / New Orleans Cocktails / Every room should sing / John Derian Picture Book / La Vita and Dolce

Candles, Bath and skin care

Yes! A bathroom with candles is one of my mom’s absolute luxuries. I love him! I am definitely excited about face masks and skin care products. Here are a few of my absolute favourites!

Links: candle / Moon fruit serum / Bless balm / Beach trip candle / cleansing oil / mermaid mask / hair towel / Deep moisturizing serum / Rose face mist / CBD bath salts / Salt and stone candle / Hair oil / Bubble bath candle / Blue tansy mask / eye gel / Lip sleeping mask

Elsie’s personal wish list

This list is a compilation of items on my current wish list and some of the best gifts I’ve received in recent years.

beach towel / straw hat / green air fryer / macaroni / Brass plate / Murano glass set / Overnight bag / Gratitude Journal / slide sandals / Puzzle library / La dolce vita / fidget spinner / Library seal / Retrospect Camera / the banana

I hope you find something that speaks to you here. happy Mother’s Day. Love, Elsie + Emma


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