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Vermont Donut

What are you up to this weekend? We’re driving to Vermont to see the fall leaves. It may still be pretty green, but either way, we’re excited about apple muffins and These alpine slides. Shana Tova for our readers who celebrate Jewish holidays! Hope you have a good link, here are some links from around the web…

Our girl, Stella Blackmun, appeared in the New York Times! to her short films About the amazing life of teenagers. (NYTimes gift link)

These thank you cards It made me laugh.

Should I bring anything to dinner tonight or am I just so worried? “

very very Chocolate y brownies.

Is there anything more comfortable than a large turtleneck that you can play hide and seek? SchemeAnd the mustardAnd the Green color.

This is a Goodnight Moon article He got me on my knees. “Our son arrived into the world like a comet breaking the sound barrier, or Kramer sliding into Jerry’s apartment… He was charming, sweet, jovial and very interesting, the kind of weird kid who liked the grocery store,” wrote Elizabeth Egan, who tried everything to help her son to sleep, but his evening routine almost broke me. Nothing worked until one night when I read Goodnight Moon.” A warm, doughy starfish hand came to rest on my wrist and stayed there while I turned the pages. A wet, fragrant head rests on my shoulder. At the end of the book, my son took his finger out of his mouth and said softly, “Again.” (NYTimes gift link)

small bedroom ideas. (drooling more than #2.)

Loving This flirtatious text exchange.

The sexual assault activist who finds joy in fashion. At NYFW, “A common question is, ‘What do you wear?'” And while I was talking about what I chose to wear that day, I had this wonderful moment where I was like, This particular question was asked, but it was the complete opposite experience. It was after I was raped. At the time, that sentence was shameful to me and presumably Guilt because of the violence that happened to me. It was a very full circle. Then I created the Survivor Fashion Show so that survivors could take back that question.” (NYMag)

funny cloudsof all things.

Plus three comments for readers:

Jin . says What made you laugh lately: “this is Made me laugh today! “

says Lauren O Trick to stay present: “I deleted Pokémon GO from my phone 2 years ago because I realized I hadn’t called my mom on one of my daily rides in months, and the first time I went, without seeing A LIVE EEL SLITHERING across the sidewalk! (I was walking through Chinatown and I rushed off a tank at a fish market.) I set out to work to save him and my friends, “Slippery like an eel” is no joke.

Mayev says Let’s find this reader like Back to Law: “Ann, as the daughter of a mother who went to law school while my sister and I were young (I was starting kindergarten), I want you to know what an amazing example you are setting for your children. I am so proud of my mother for a million reasons, but one of them is the courage you showed in this decision ( And every one of her decisions is to keep learning—she’s 62 and has just taken snowboarding and German lessons!). She’s always wanted to become a criminal prosecutor, but her father told her to “accept a lot in life and find satisfaction in it” (it’s a product of his context, as we are). All). My memories of the time spent at school consist largely of special moments with my father. He was already a lawyer, but he took a step back from his career in many ways so that my mother could take a step forward in her career. And when my mother opened her first trial In a jury murder several years later my dad and sister were taken to see her We had front row seats to prove it’s never too late to start a new chapter And perhaps not surprisingly I became a prosecutor too I just wanted to be my mom I still do No matter what you’re wearing, Ann, you’re so brave, and besides Your children and your husband, this whole community encourages you.”

(Photo by Laura Austin/Stocky.)

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