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© Reuters Ethereum price could lead to a 10x increase in the next bull race
  • Altcoin Daily tweeted a video highlighting ETH as a must-watch cryptocurrency.
  • The number of smart contracts on the ETH blockchain has jumped 293% in 2022.
  • Altcoin Daily believes that Login With will be a major bullish event.

Altcoin Daily shared a YouTube video on Twitter today where the Altcoin Daily team talks about the top cryptocurrencies making the news today. The video mainly focused on the altcoin leader, Ethereum (ETH) and the project’s very high fundamentals despite the current bear market.

One of the bullish metrics for the ETH ecosystem is the number of smart contracts that have been deployed on the ETH blockchain. Altcoin Daily shared that the number of smart contracts deployed on the ETH blockchain has jumped by 293% in 2022.

In addition to the sharp rise in the number of smart contracts, $4.6 billion in ETH has been burned since EIP-1559. This is mainly due to the number of decentralized applications (dApps) developed on the ETH blockchain. The video indicated that NFT and DeFi on the ETH network, particularly via OpenSea, are fueling the burning fires of ETH.

One of the major events teased by the Altcoin Daily team is the launch of Login with Ethereum. According to the team, logging in with Ethereum would be a “game-changer.” This functionality will allow users to log in with the same keys that control their blockchain accounts, removing…

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