Everyday Power: Bye Bye Sideloading (Sort of)

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Android 14’s severe sideloading restrictions

Android statue at Google HQ

Adamya Sharma/Android Authority

We’re already looking forward to Android 14, with developer previews arriving around March. So far, we’ve seen some details of the new Android release trickle out, and it looks like app downloads will be affected across the board by One of these changes.

  • to me 9to5GoogleAndroid 14 will start blocking app targeting entirely Older Android versions.
  • Current Play Store guidelines mean that new apps must target at least Android 12, and Google always requires developers to keep their apps up-to-date.
  • This only applies to Google Play StoreHowever, it is very easy to do Sideload applications It targets older versions of Android, and you can download an outdated app from the Play Store that doesn’t meet the minimum operating system requirements if you’ve installed it in the past.
  • With Android 14, this is set to change as API requirements become more stringent and outdated apps are completely blocked on the Google Play Store, along with the option to sideload these apps.
  • Google does this to reduce the spread of potential malware, as some apps intentionally target older versions of Android in order to circumvent security protections.
  • So your device will be more secure, but downloading old apps may be a thing of the past.
Google Pixel 4a 5G on the back of the phone

David Amell/Android Authority

In other news today, Someone installed a Pixel 5a battery in a Pixel 4a phone To increase battery power by 17%.

  • Redditor claims They replaced the 3885 mAh battery Pixel 4a phone with the Pixel 5a phone4680 mAh battery.
  • This isn’t something to try at home, though the Redditor in question has years of experience with PCB design and repair.
  • Although the two batteries looked identical at first, the Pixel 5a’s battery was actually 4.5mm longer and 0.4mm thicker than the Pixel 4a’s cell, in addition to being 1.4mm narrower.
  • So it didn’t quite fit, and the phone’s battery management system had to be moved to accommodate the new battery.
  • It remained a “visually imperceptible” bulge on the back of the phone, but the end result was a 17% increase in battery life. not bad!
  • There may be some risks involved in the long run, such as the risk of battery explosion, battery expansion, and software compatibility.
  • Although this Redditor thought they took care of this, we don’t recommend trying this at home. We hope they will post some future updates to see if the DIY battery replacement worked as intended.

The Dead Space remake is just a few days away (January 27), but apparently, It will have an alternate endingalthough no spoilers leaked (Rock Paper Gun).

Tuesday thing

Nintendo Switch Pokemon Fish

A Japanese gamer’s pet fish has spent its money in the Nintendo Store After an error occurs in the live broadcast experience.

  • YouTuber MutekimaruThe experiment was designed to see if his pet fish could complete a video game after spending 3,000 hours north completing a previous game in the series.
  • Use motion tracking software and a webcam pointed at the aquarium to monitor the movements and translate them into button inputs.
  • The fish can be seen swimming across a grid striped on its bowl, with each square labeled with a command on the Switch console.
  • The latest Pokémon titles, which are famous for their insects, are played by the fish.
  • After playing for over 1,100 hours, the title crashed, but the Nintendo Switch continued to translate the fish’s movements into button commands.
  • They go to the store and add 500 yen ($3.84) to Mutekimaru’s account using his stored credit card, also revealing the card details to those watching.
  • The intrusive fish also managed to change his account name, launch a store download, and PayPal sent him a confirmation email.
  • Fortunately, Nintendo was understanding and gave the YouTuber a refund.

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Paula Peyton, copy editor.

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