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Meta is expanding its range of short video products. In the latest step into those widely accessible offerings, the company is releasing the Facebook Reels API for developers to integrate into their apps. This will allow users to share Reels directly on Facebook pages from third-party apps using the “Share to Reels” feature.

The Facebook Reels API will enable third-party platforms to directly enable the ‘share to reels’ feature, removing friction for users who have previously used third-party platforms and later upload them to Facebook. This API will allow one-button sharing directly from its preferred third-party platform,” the company said in a blog post.

If a developer integrates this feature, users can use a third-party app to post Reel and post to a Page they manage. However, this API does not allow applications to publish reels to groups or individual users. This can be useful for video editing apps, social media management tools, and enterprise social media users.

Meta said three of its launch partners have already integrated the new Reels API into their platforms: the Creators Economy platform. GilsmackSocial media management tool social sproutWebsite building platform Wix.

The new API version follows a similar announcement from Meta for Instagram in June. The company launched Instagram Reels API for developers to publish reels directly to Instagram Business Accounts. Last month, the social network giant introduced a feature to Allow users to post reels from Instagram to Facebook. I also launched an auto-generated Reels tool on Facebook that made a Reel memory clip using the stories I shared earlier.

Meta and Mark Zuckerberg are counting on Reels to be the winners for the company. In the second quarter results of 2022, Zuckerberg mentioned that users are spending 26% of their time on Instagram are watching reels. Additionally, the company has an average revenue run of over $1 billion when it comes to Reels ads.


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